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Debi’s Sling Bag is Purr-fect!

by Beth Cooper

Sewist’s Name: Debi Humphrey from Rapid City, South Dakota

Type of Project: Bags

Pattern: Original Design/Farmkiti

Featured Date: 4-27-23

Hi, I’m Debi. I have designed a Sling Bag and have made about a dozen of them so far.  This one is a favorite of mine; I love cats, so when I saw the fabric I immediately thought of making a bag with it.  I’m afraid I don’t remember who makes the fabric or the name of the line.

I wanted an easier way to carry my purse but didn’t like backpacks because of the two-strap design.  I mean, I only need to carry it to/from the car, into the store, etc.  I’ve used backpacks before, but never bothered to use both straps.  The extra strap would just dangle and that irritated me; it’s a sloppy look.  So I came up with this little bag.  It’s big enough to hold anything I need, but not so big as to be cumbersome.  I just sling it over one shoulder and go.  It’s easy to toss into the front seat and the little handle on top lets me grab it easily when I’m ready to get out of the car.  It has lots of pockets to keep me organized.

One little back story to this particular bag:  I was searching on Etsy one day for zipper pulls and other miscellaneous items.  I found this tiny black kitty sculpture and bought it to hook onto the zipper.  I thought it was uncanny how perfectly the tiny kitty matched the little black kitty in the fabric print.  It’s really fun when I find things that match up that well to something I’ve made.  

I’ve always loved designing and making bags.  I decided that someday soon I’d like to sell them online.  In anticipation of that, I had some logo tags made.  The name of my company is “farmkiti.”  I like to match the color of the tags to the items they’re attached to.  I had a bunch of tags made in several colors and I put them on everything I make (including clothes).  Even if I never sell a single bag, it’s fun and a nice ego boost to use them.    



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Terri Hoke
Terri Hoke
9 months ago

This bag is so adorable! Will there be a pattern available?

9 months ago

Very clever! And beautiful design.

9 months ago


Lola Yoder
Lola Yoder
9 months ago

Is this bag pattern (Debi’s Sling Bag) available for sale?

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