Home Inspiration Carletta Makes Garments and Totes Using Grocery Bags!

Carletta Makes Garments and Totes Using Grocery Bags!

by Beth Cooper

Sewist’s Name: Carletta from the Carolinas

Type of Project: Totes and Garments

Pattern: Original Designs

Featured Date: 9-20-23

Hi, I am Carletta from the Carolinas! I love designing clothes out of recycled plastic bags. I also enjoy making reusable tote bags. These bags won’t make it to the landfill! I am doing my part for global warming. The jacket pictured below is made from plastic grocery bags, as are the reusable grocery totes.

I have been quite busy making quilts to submit in the county fair but would like to share my fabric art. We hold classes in Latta, SC. If anyone is interested please stop by Latta High School.



Carletta with a jacket she made.

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