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Are Digital Quilt Patterns Better?

by Beth Cooper

What’s the difference between a digital pattern and a regular pattern? Are digital quilt patterns better? Digital patterns are new to the scene and many people just aren’t sure about them. Let’s clear up any confusion between the two!

Both a regular quilt pattern and a digital quilt pattern will be exactly the same in their directions. The only difference is the way in which the pattern is delivered to you. If you order a regular pattern, it will be shipped to you or you may find a regular quilt pattern you like in your local quilt shop and buy it there. That is great! Regular quilt patterns are never going to go out of style. They will always be there.

Start this super cute pumpkin quilt today and have it ready by Fall! Find the digital pattern here!

If you order a digital pattern, it will arrive almost instantaneously in your email inbox. A digital quilt pattern will be emailed to you and you will be able to view it on your computer, iPad, or phone. That doesn’t mean it has to stay on your device and you have to constantly scroll through the directions as you are sewing. The best thing to do with a digital pattern after you receive it is to print it. You are allowed to print your digital patterns. You paid for it; you can print it. You can even print them in color! What you can not do is to make a copy for all of your friends. That is where you get into copyright trouble. But, you can absolutely print a copy for your personal use. This makes it easier to use while you’re sewing and allows you to store a copy on your bookshelf. You can also keep your digital copy saved and stored on your device. Then, if you lose your printed version, you can still access it and print yourself another copy. Want to shop for a digital pattern? Missouri Star Quilt Co. has a huge selection. You can find them here!

This Basket Case quilt pattern is adorable in any color scheme!
Find the pattern here!

The number one, most fantastic, most amazing, most praise-worthy thing about digital quilt patterns is that you get it instantly. Once you purchase a pattern, it arrives instantly and in today’s age of everyone wanting everything immediately, digital quilt patterns are a hit.

A digital pattern and a quilt pattern that you buy in a quilt shop are really the exact same thing. The only difference is how it is delivered to you. One is not superior to the other. It is a personal preference.

So, remember, digital patterns and regular paper patterns are the same thing. They are just delivered to you in different ways!

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9 months ago

I like to be able to print the patterns. I punch holes in them and keep them in a 3 ring binder. Easy to find. Better yet, I love the little booklets with the patterns. The colors are helpful.