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A Special Quilt Presentation to Jenny Doan

by Beth Cooper

Quilter’s Name: Lori Naczynski

Type of Quilt: Photo Quilt

Name of Pattern: Original Designs

Featured Date: 10-18-23

Hi! I’m Lori and I recently presented Jenny Doan with a quilt that I had made her at the Missouri Star 15th Birthday Bash in Hamilton, Missouri.

Circle of Life by Lori Naczynski for Jenny Doan

Here is a little information about me: I am a self taught quilter. Jenny has been my teacher, via YouTube, ever since I started to dabble in quilting in 2018. I have made 19 quilts to date, working on #20. I gave away 17 and kept 2. The one I am making now, I am also giving away. I make quilts and just give them away to friends, family, and fundraisers.

I made the quilt for Jenny to thank her for being my on-line teacher, along with all the skills she has taught me, and the knowledge I have obtained from her tutorials.

The idea came about when she was asked a question, which was: “When you make a memory quilt with pictures in it, do you quilt over them, or leave them unquilted?” My answer to that question was; “No, you never quilt over the pictures.” Jenny’s reply was: “Well, I really don’t know. I don’t have an answer to that question. I have never made one, but I sure would like one.” So, I immediately said to myself, I will make you one Jenny, as a thank you, for all the skills you have taught me. Needless to say, I started designing it and creating it immediately after that.

I scoped out her Facebook page as well as her son’s, Al and Jake’s to get the pictures, lol 😆

I put her mom on top with her father on the bottom of her picture, because that is how she came to be, as well as, I know they are both deceased, and that was important to me to have them be a part of this memory quilt! I have Jenny and Ron in the center since they are the start to the Doan family, and they are the heart of it all. I chose to have all her kids and GRANDkids circling around them. Kind of like the “Circle of Life.” I chose the God’s Eye block, and put one in each corner, in a sense that God is always watching the family.

The label on Jenny’s quilt

I titled the quilt: The Circle of Life

Thread for piecing: Aurifil Monofilament and Missouri Star 100% cotton

Thread for quilting: Glide (color Pacific)

Michael Miller Fairy Frost (Jenny’s picture frame, along with parts of the God’s Eye blocks, and outer border)
Kona Cotton (Pacific) background
Sew Lush for the backing
I don’t recall the picture frames

I also made Al one for the 15 year anniversary. His was also delivered at the Birthday Bash. I have included the photos of it in this email. In Al’s quilt, I don’t have the actual fabric info, so I won’t list anything for his. I even included “Chuck the Duck,” in the quilting, lol 😆. His quilt was titled: “Undeveloped to Developed:” 15 years in the making. It was a timeline from when they opened their first store, important events in the business, awards won, construction of opening new stores, etc. The article in the center of the quilt is the write up they had in the Wall Street Journal. I actually had to buy a subscription just to get that, lol.

Al’s Quilt: Underdeveloped to Developed
Chuck the Duck in the quilting of Al’s quilt
The label on Al’s quilt

Kind regards,


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Joyce Minnis
Joyce Minnis
14 days ago

Lori, loved your quilts so glad you posted them so I could see up close. Happy Stitching!

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