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A Beautiful Memory Quilt Made Using Shirts!

by Beth Cooper

Quilter’s Name: Tammy Baughn of Littleton, Colorado

Type of Quilt: Throw Quilt

Name of Pattern: Disappearing Hourglass from Missouri Star Quilt Co.

Featured Date: 02-21-24

Hi, I’m Tammy. I’m a mother of 4 and 5 grand kids. I love sewing.  It is what gives me my greatest joy – taking whole pieces of fabric or the smallest piece of fabric and creating something.   I have not taken any formal classes because of work and family obligations. So Youtube at night has been my teacher. I wanted to share the quilt I made using my dads shirts.  I used the Disappearing Hourglass pattern from Missouri Star Quilt Co. I used 6 shirts and 2 yards of a print on print white cotton.

When I saw the Disappearing Hourglass pattern demonstrated by Missouri Star Quilt Co., I knew that would be the pattern I’d been looking for to use my dad’s shirts.  I worked on in it for about 2 weeks after work.  I taped it up on the wall  and took photos to pick the final layout. I was excited to find the quilting template of horses to honor my dad.  He loved his horses and took several wilderness trips on horseback. I still have the sleeves of the shirts and a few of his ties  to use in another project.  I am looking at making a bear out of the ties. I’ve been sewing for several years off and on as time allows.  I’ve quilted for a couple of years.   Now we have something to wrap around us to keep his memory.


Check out the beautiful horse quilting designs!

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1 month ago

A beautiful reminder of your Dad, and the background color choice is perfect!

rebecca harrington
rebecca harrington
1 month ago

I’ve seen quilts made from car event Tshirts that detail events that were would you quilt those – the ones I’ve seen were bought the size of a large throw…are there also patterns and details for making one like that? This is a very nice memory quilt-the horse pattern quilting design is perfect…could it be a car pattern? Thank you

Last edited 1 month ago by rebecca harrington
1 month ago

I love this! It’s a cool pattern but even better with the sentimental aspect.