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You’ve Got to Be Kitting Me!

by Beth Cooper

Do you ever feel a bit overwhelmed when you’re shopping for quilt fabric?  Or maybe you are overwhelmed by looking at a quilt pattern and don’t even know where to start?  You need a kit!  Quilt kits may be your new best friend!

A quilt kit usually comes with all of the fabric needed to complete the quilt top, as well as the pattern.  Some kits come with the fabric needed to complete binding, while some do not.  Backing fabric is not usually included.

This quilt kit features houses and tulips against a navy blue background.
The Hometown Quilt Kit is available here.

Kits are normally labeled by level of difficulty, as well. Some are labeled for beginners, advanced beginners, intermediate, advanced, etc. This will help direct you and keep you from getting over your head. It’s also a good way to challenge yourself too. If you have already made several beginner quilts, it may be time to go up to the next level.

This gorgeous quilt is the Trilingual Quilt Kit, available at Missouri Star Quilt Co. Click here.

Quilt kits take the difficulty out of choosing fabrics for a pattern.  Someone has already figured that part out for you, bundled all of the fabrics together, attached the pattern, and voila!  You have everything ready to assemble your quilt top!

The Traverse Quilt is a real show-stopper! Find the kit here.

Most quilt shops carry kits.  You can find kits in every size, shape, and theme, and they make the most gorgeous quilts!  Kits are perfect for new quilters (and even experienced quilters!). 

So, what are you waiting for? Stop kitting around, and try a quilt kit!  You can shop all the quilt kits at our sister-site, Missouri Star Quilt Co. Just click here!

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