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Want the Perfect Getaway? You Need a Sewing Retreat!

by Beth Cooper

Have you ever been to a sewing or quilting retreat? If you haven’t, you might want to consider it because they are the bees knees. (That means super fun and totally awesome in my neck of the woods!) Quilting and sewing retreats are the perfect opportunity for quilters and sewists to gather with other like-minded individuals and spend time working on their favorite projects. Retreats are a great way to get away from the distractions of daily life and focus on your passion.

What Is A Sewing Retreat?

Quilting and sewing retreats are usually held at a scenic retreat center or resort and offer a variety of activities and events specifically designed for quilters and sewists. They offer plenty of time for sewing, as well as opportunities to socialize and share your skills with others.

My favorite part of a retreat is definitely the socializing! I enjoy talking to others who love to sew too. One of the highlights of attending a retreat is the chance to see what others are working on and to exchange ideas and inspiration. Many retreats feature “show-and-tell” sessions where attendees can share their latest projects and ask for feedback from others. These sessions can be incredibly helpful for those who are looking for inspiration, as well as for those who are looking for new techniques or patterns to try. I adore show and tell time. I love to see the projects and cheering on those that made them.

Wait. It Gets Better!!

Some retreat centers are even attached to a fabric store. Is this paradise? No, but it will feel like it for a few days! You can shop and sew with no interruptions from your family like, “Mom, what’s for supper?” or “Honey, where is the remote?”. If you forgot to buy everything you needed to finish a project, just walk on over to the fabric store and get it.

One of the best sewing retreats I ever went to was in an large dormitory building that used to serve as a Latin school to Catholic priests. It was in Springfield, Illinois and it looked out over a large lake. The view from my spotless little room was gorgeous. You could go on long walks near the lake or sit inside in the large work-room and sew all day and all night. The staff fixed us delicious meals all week. I finished a major project while I was there and a few small ones, as well. It was heavenly. At the time, all three of my kids were pretty young. It was difficult for me to get away but I don’t regret it at all. I needed that time to recharge and relax.

Where Are Retreat Centers?

Retreat centers are popping up all over the place. Want to attend one by the beach? Yes, there are plenty! Want to attend one in the mountains. Check. Want to attend one locally? Chances are you can find one nearby. Google is your friend in this case. Even very rural areas have retreat centers within a short drive. There’s even a facebook page, just for tracking down retreat centers – it’s called Quilting Retreat Finder (click here to visit).

Some retreats even have a theme. For example, upcoming retreats at Missouri Star Quilt Co. in Hamilton, Missouri have themes like “Back in 50s,” “Pajama Party,” and even a Doan girls retreat, where you get to sew alongside Jenny Doan and her family. I love themed parties and I love to dress up. I would totally wear my poodle skirt to that 50s themed retreat. 😉 For more information on all of Missouri Star’s quilt retreats, click here.

Misty, Jenny, and Natalie at the Doan Girls retreat in Hamilton, Missouri. Interested in attending the next Doan Girls retreat?
Click here to learn more.

You Will Love It!

If you’re looking to get away from it all and immerse yourself in your sewing passion, then a retreat might be just what you need. They’re a great way to make new friends, learn new skills, and recharge your creative batteries.

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9 months ago

Hotel Hamilton in Hamilton, Mo is an absolute sewing retreaters dream!

9 months ago

I am looking for a sewing group I used to belong to. It’s called Circle of Friends. Does anyone kno about them? I’d like to contact th er m.

9 months ago

Sounds like fun to me. I will have to investigate this!

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