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“S” Is For Stunning

by Beth Cooper
An original design by Liz Stepanian

Quilter’s Name: Liz Stepanian from Nipomo, California

Style of Quilt: Wallhanging

Pattern Used: Original design

Featured Date: 02-23-23

Hi, I’m Liz and this is a quilt I call, ”’S’ Is For Stepanian.” It measures 26”x 46″. I’ve long wanted to make a pixilated “S” wall hanging.

A few years back, our quilt teacher at the local college showed how to piece a quilt using a cross stitch pattern.  That’s the inspiration I needed.  I drew my “S” on graph paper, started x-ing out the spaces and then cut lots of 11/2” squares (and some 21/2“ background squares). About that time, I also read about Morse Code quilts, and since my husband is an avid amateur radio operator, I used some of the space to spell LOVE in Morse code. 

An original design by Liz Stepanian

I was surprised at how big the S got.  It wasn’t too big for me to quilt on my home machine, but I didn’t like my start & picked out quite a few stitches. The quilt went in the “someday” box.  Last fall, I became reacquainted with a local (and loved) longarm quilter and she did amazing things free motion! This quilt now hangs in our entryway. Our grown kids and some of the grandkids understand the “dits & dahs,” and for any who wonder what’s going on on the lower half of the quilt, it’s fun to explain.

Liz Stepanian
Nipomo, California

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