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These Art Quilts by Bernadine Are Stunning!

by Beth Cooper

Quilter’s Name: Bernadine Heller-Greenman of Brooklyn, New York

Title of Quilt: COVID Days

Name of Pattern: Original Design

Featured Date: 04-13-23

Size:  Approx 80×38″

Description:  18 hand-quilted squares front and back, approximately 12″ each

Materials:  cotton fabric and batting, cotton embroidery thread, glass beads and sequins, some permanent paint pen 

Hi, I’m Bernadine and I am an Art Historian recently retired from teaching at FIU in Miami.  We moved to Brooklyn to chase our adult children (and of course grandchildren) and I finally was able to quilt almost full-time. I had been making quilts off and on for years but never had the concentrated periods of time I needed.  The project shown is more somber than my usual quilts which are smaller and much more heavily embellished .  All my sewing projects are hand quilted.  I guess I don’t use the sewing machine much because of an irrational fear of mechanical equipment.  Go figure. Since I am not great at binding and incredibly slow at it, I asked a wonderful quilter, Erin Wilson, to put the squares together and sew the binding. I take a break from sewing to guide tour groups at the Brooklyn Museum and when they had an art exhibition open to staff, COVID Days was among the works selected.  


A quick word about the fabrics in the above quilt.  I try and buy some kind of textiles whenever we travel.  One of our sons lived in India for several years and most of the fabrics used in COVID Days are from India

Finally, thanks for giving quilters an opportunity to share our work.  It’s much appreciated.


Bernadine Heller-Greenman

A block from the front of the quilt
Another block from the front of the quilt
Another block from the front of the quilt
A square from the back of the quilt
Another block from the back of the quilt

Below:  New York with details

Almost all the fabrics in the quilt below are from City Quilter, a marvelous resource

This is a past project titled “New York.” As you can see,
it features more heavy embellishments.
A close-up of New York
Another close-up of New York

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7 months ago

Those quilts are amazing, thank you for sharing.

Doris Bowman
Doris Bowman
7 months ago

Your quilt is absolutely stunning. I have never made a quilt. I started doing machine embroidery and our group meets monthly. Last year we elected to do a “round robin” quilt project, my theme was magnolias and I have some of the most beautiful embroidered squares and can’t wait to start on my quilt. I’m sure I will be seeking advice from all you experts.

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