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Shop Hops 101

by Beth Cooper

Shop Hops. Maybe you’ve just heard the term and aren’t sure what it even is? A quilt shop hop is fun, exciting, and perfect for quilting enthusiasts. It’s a chance for quilters to visit multiple quilt shops in a particular area, usually within a defined time frame, and explore what they have to offer. (Plus find great deals!)

Typically, a quilt shop hop involves a passport or map that guides participants to each participating shop. The goal is to visit all of the shops on the list and collect stamps or stickers at each one. At the end of the event, participants turn in their passports or maps to be entered into a prize drawing. Normally, all the shops involved go together and offer some grand prizes (example: new sewing machine! Yes. Really.). Each shop usually has their own drawing, as well, for something smaller (example: a new ruler.).

Quilt shop hops are usually organized by local quilt guilds, quilting organizations, or businesses to promote the quilting community and local shops. They often take place over a weekend or several days, giving quilters plenty of time to visit all of the participating shops. Quilt shop hops are an excellent boost to the local economy – hotels benefit, restaurants benefit, other shops nearby that are not even sewing-related benefit, etc. It’s a win-win for the whole town or area.

One of the most fun parts of participating in a quilt shop hop is the opportunity to discover new quilt shops and meet other quilters in the area. Each quilt shop has their own “flavor.” No two are alike. Each has a different mix of fabrics. The inspiration is endless! (Too bad our money supply isn’t endless too. ha!) Quilters can see the latest fabrics, patterns, and quilting supplies at each shop and get inspired for their next project. It’s also a chance to take advantage of any special discounts or promotions that the shops may be offering during the event.

Another benefit of a quilt shop hop is the sense of accomplishment that comes with completing the passport or map. Quilters often proudly display their completed passport or map and share their experience with other quilters. Once all of the stickers or stamps are on that passport, you can look at it and be proud at how much ground you have covered in a short time. Our accomplishments may not be as significant as an Olympic athlete, but by golly it still feels amazing to finish!

Ask your local quilt shops if they participate in any shop hops. Also, search online. A quick google search of “quilt shop hops in my area,” should immediately give you some options.

Another exciting way to do a quilt shop hop, but on a grander scale, is to do an all-state shop hop. There is currently an All-Illinois shop hop, All-Missouri shop hop, All-Florida Shop Hop, All-Iowa Shop Hop, and more. You can find more information of some of these here. Or try a google search for your state. These shop hops usually last a month to give you time to cover the whole state. They offer excellent prizes for finishing, are extremely well-organized, and are seriously so much fun.

If you’re a quilter, shop hops are seriously so much fun! If you haven’t made it to one yet, be sure and jump into this quilting adventure. You won’t regret it!

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