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Need More Surface Area on Your Sewing Machine?

by Beth Cooper

Extension Tables

Do you need an extension table? Well, if you don’t already have one, the answer is “Yes!!”

First things first, an extension table is an accessory that attaches to your sewing machine. It provides a larger work surface for your fabric. They come in all shapes and sizes, depending on the brand and model of your machine, but the purpose is the same: to make your life easier and your sewing projects more efficient.

Now, you might be thinking, “Why do I need an extension table? My sewing machine works just fine without it.” Well, let’s just say that an extension table can make all the difference when it comes to quilting or sewing larger pieces of fabric.

Great for Quilters

Think about it, when you’re quilting, you’re working with multiple layers of fabric that need to be kept in place while you sew. Without an extension table, your fabric can slip and slide around, causing uneven stitches and frustration. But with an extension table, you have a flat, stable surface to work on, allowing you to focus on your stitches and not on wrangling your fabric.

Not only that, but an extension table also gives you more room to maneuver your fabric. You won’t have to worry about your fabric falling off the edge of your machine, or worse, your table, because you’ll have a larger surface to work with.

Perfect for All Sewists

Even if you’re not a quilter, these extension tables are wonderful for all sewists! Yes, when making garments you will probably need your free arm and not a table surface, but when you’re sewing curtains, home decor items, and more, you will love having an extension table!

Some sewing machines, especially high-end sewing machines, come with an extension table. However, if you own a machine that didn’t come with an extension table, you have options. Extension tables are now made and sold separately for nearly all makes and models of sewing machines.

This is an example of a Sew Steady Extension Table that you
can buy to fit your sewing machine.
Find an entire selection on Missouri Star Quilt Co. or by clicking here!

So, there you have it, folks. Extension tables are the unsung heroes of the sewing world. They may not be the most glamorous accessory, but they’re definitely one of the most beneficial. If you’re a quilter or someone who sews larger pieces of fabric, do yourself a favor and invest in an extension table. Your stitches will thank you.

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