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Melissa Shows Off Two Outstanding Quilts!

by Beth Cooper

Quilter’s Name: Melissa Dibbern from Holton, Kansas

Type of Quilt: Wall Hangings

Name of Pattern: Original Designs

Featured Date: 12-13-23

My name is Melissa Dibbern, and I live in Holton, Kansas. I have been quilting for about 20 years, but started doing appliqué quilts about 7 years ago. I like the fusible appliqué method, and use different embroidery stitches to finish the edges of each piece and add other details. When searching for a pattern for a Christmas quilt I didn’t find one that was like the ideas I had in my head, so I decided to design my own. My sister helped me make a list of things that reminded us of special Christmas memories, and then I searched for a picture of each that I could turn into a block. I drew each pattern by hand and chose fabrics mostly from my stash to put it together. I love seeing it hanging for Christmas!

The quilt below was made from pieces I found while cleaning out my mother’s house after she passed. I wish I knew the background of each piece, but I do know that there are items from both my maternal and paternal grandparents. The Dresden plates and inner border are made from fabrics left over from another project. I wanted to give the quilt some added color. I used a light spritz of June Taylor spray glue to place each piece before using a blind stitch to tack down the edges. My quilter did a beautiful job of highlighting the differences in each piece I chose to use. I’m glad to have found a use for these items that had been passed down through generations of my family.

Thank you for considering my quilts for the Quilt and Tell section of your website.


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2 months ago

Both of these are so pretty. The addition of the Dresden plates are a great addition, and a pretty way to honor the past.

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