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Mary’s Minecraft Stuffy Is Adorable!

by Beth Cooper

Sewist’s Name: Mary Kaster from Whitewater, Wisconsin

Type of Project: Stuffed Animal/Stuffy

Pattern Designer: Original Design

Featured Date: 3-30-23

Minecraft Stuffy by Mary Kaster

Hi, my name is Mary.  I have been sewing since the age of five.  My parents owned a shop where they sold and repaired sewing machines.  My mom taught me how to use the machine and to make my own clothes.  Over the years, I’ve learned how to make prom dresses, quilts, curtains, and have even reupholstered furniture.  So when it came time to create a “stuffy” for my then-five-year-old grandson’s Christmas present, I dived in. The stuffy is based on a character from the video game Minecraft.

There was no pattern involved.  I searched the Internet for the image I wanted to replicate. Found it, enlarged it, and printed it off.  I was unable to find pixelated fabric, so I decided to make my own.  I  purchased four hues of each color and used strip quilting techniques to piece and construct enough sections to make it.  I used the printed image to draw lines and figure out how to make my pattern.  I decided on two inch squares so as not to make the fabric too difficult to handle.  (Little did I realize that it would translate into a creation half as tall as my grandson!)

I used graph paper to color in each section as it looked in the printed image.  I used plain cotton fabric to make the “quilt” fabric.  I used dense foam for the stuffing.  This project started during the Covid lockdown which happened right after my retirement.  I’m not sure how many hours it took to complete, but it took two years from start to finish.  Thankfully, my grandson still loves Minecraft and adores his stuffy.  It was truly a labor of love that I hope he will treasure for a long time.



Minecraft Stuffy by Mary Kaster

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