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Marcia’s Country Chic is Delightful!

by Beth Cooper
Country Chic by Marcia Nellans – this week’s Quilt & Tell

Quilter’s Name: Marcia Nellans of Northern Indiana

Style of Quilt: Bed Quilt

Pattern Used: Country Chic by Sew Kind of Wonderful

Featured Date: 02-02-23

Hi, my name is Marcia Nellans and this is my Country Chic quilt. About a year ago, I saw a class for a quilt and decided it would be worth packing up and driving 50 miles to take the 4 hour class.  After an hour of instruction, we were set free to work and I was scratching my head trying to figure it out.  I decided one lap quilt was not going to get the best of me after 50+ years of sewing and countless quilts, including a queen size Drunkard’s Path as quilt #3!  So one step at a time, I cut rectangles from rectangles using a template cut arches, etc.  

Next take two pieces, one concave and one convex, put end under presser foot and sew pulling edges together as you sew. On curves? My seamstress sense was being challenged! I pin 2.5 inch mini charms let alone CURVES! 

Well, I tried but ended up with some pins..  then square up blocks…  okay that helped…

I’m also not one for small quilts…  I want functional and rarely make less than full size so mine would be almost double the pattern size.  

This pattern involves curved piecing.
One of the blocks in Country Chic

Did I get frustrated? Yes! Did I quit? Yes, twice! But I finished 2 others before I finished the Country Chic.  I also had some extra blocks and made a table block. A local shop hop made a great way to gather the fat qtrs in various blacks and whites needed.  I would not claim it is precisely pieced but it is stunning! It is bound in black and quilted and here at my home in northern IN.



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Laura B
Laura B
1 year ago

Absolutely beautiful!

Kimberly Miller
Kimberly Miller
1 year ago


Meizie Salinas
Meizie Salinas
1 year ago

Absolutely Gorgeous

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