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Yakkity Yak, Let’s Talk Ric Rac!

by Beth Cooper

Let’s talk trim and embellishments, specifically Ric Rac:  Is it not the cutest darn way to jazz up a project? Ric Rac (or sometimes spelled Rick Rack) is a sewing trim that is wavy or zig-zag shaped and it is so fun to work with. It’s usually made of cotton but can also be found in polyester/cotton blends, and occasionally nylon.

This Lori Holt vintage Ric Rac is available here.
It’s adorable!

Cute and Versatile

Ric Rac is so versatile!  It adds attitude and adorableness. Ric Rac enhances so many types of projects – everything from aprons to garments to bags. 

Name a color that Ric Rac doesn’t come in.  You can’t.  Ric Rac comes in every color imaginable!  It also comes in a huge variety of sizes – jumbo to tiny.  All of these options make it so fun to play around with.  Shop for Ric Rac here and check out a colorful variety for your next project.

There are different ways to sew the Ric Rac on to your projects.  You can top sew it directly on.  You can also sew it into a seam, so that only half of the curves peek out.  For more information on different ways to sew it, check out the video below from Treasurie. She does a great job of showing you different ways to sew Ric Rac.

This next project is an apron pattern that is a little bit vintage and a lot of fun.  It always turns out cute and the Ric Rac on it, really just makes the whole look. 

This apron pattern by the Apron Lady is super fun,
goes together really quickly, and features Ric Rac.
It may be your new favorite pattern! It’s available on CottonPicking.com. Buy it here!

Ric Rac is also perfect for bags. Even if a bag pattern doesn’t call for Ric Rac, you can always add some trim work to it. It is a wonderful way to personalize a pattern and give it a fun vibe. Check out the bag below by Cheryl at Sew Can Do.

This Sew Sweet Ric Rac Bag is adorable and a clever way to use jumbo Ric Rac. Check out the free tutorial here.

Ric Rac on garments is a fantastic use of this cheerful trim. Adding it to skirts or dresses can really turn boring into beautiful. Simple Simon and Company will show you how to turn a boring white t-shirt into this cute skirt.

This Rainbow Ric Ric Skirt tutorial uses a plain white t-shirt and come colorful Ric Rac to complete this skirt.
Read the tutorial here.

Possibly the best part about Ric Rac is that most sewists already have a hidden stash of it in some lonely drawer.  It’s sitting there just waiting for you to play around with it.  Go for it!  Need more Ric Rac or don’t have the right color in your stash? Check out the selection at our sister-site, Missouri Star Quilt Co. Click here to shop. Make something cute with your Ric Rac and then send it in to inspiration@nancysnotions.com.  We would love to see what you make and you may be featured on next week’s Sew & Tell.

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Sally Ann Maxwell
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