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Introducing Treasured Threadz™ Favorite Fusible Stabilizer!

by Beth Cooper
(L) Amy is wearing her AnyTime Topper pattern embellished with the Missouri Star Quilt Panel
(R ) Jean Jacket features the Treasured Threadz™ Missouri Star Quilt Panel

Hi all! Amy Barickman is joining us again today to tell you more about her new Treasured Threadz™ Collection. There are endless ways to use Treasured Threadz™ fabric panels, but today she is going to showcase a variety of ways to use the Favorite Fusible Stabilizer and share some projects created with one of her most-loved techniques – Decorative Patch Applique! Check out how I used the Missouri Star Panel on my AnyTime Topper Pattern in the photo above!

When you purchase the Favorite Fusible Stabilizer, not only will you get a bonus pressing sheet, you’ll have exclusive online access to printable PDF instructions and video tutorials for BOTH of her signature applique techniques (Decorative Patch Applique and Repair Patch Applique), a supply list and a Look Book with over 25 pages of inspiration! Let’s get started!

Want to meet Amy in person?? She will be doing demos of her amazing products at Missouri Star Quilt Co. in Hamilton, Missouri on Monday, March 4th, from 10 am to 2 pm in the Main Shop!

Please Welcome Our Featured Designer, Amy Barickman!

Hi everyone, great to visit with you again! My name is Amy Barickman and I am so happy to be back, sharing my passion for handmade style with you. My new Treasured Threadz™ collection was created from my archive of rare vintage textiles, quilts and art – and I took special care to carefully curate each panel to help you easily create a style all your own. Check out how I used the Missouri Star Panel on my AnyTime Topper in the photo above!

As you might know, our Treasured Threadz™ collection includes five different fabric panels – but today I want to inspire you with all the ways you can use our new Favorite Fusible Stabilizer with my Decorative Patch Applique Technique.  This fusible batting was designed to be perfectly compatible with all Treasured Threadz™ fabrics – it’s super easy to use, perfect for stitching by machine or hand… AND its machine washable! Yay!

In this Treasured Threadz™ video – I showcase all panel designs, the Favorite Fusible Stabilizer and touch on my applique techniques, check it out!

An Oliso Iron Makes It Easy!

(L) Oliso M3Pro Project Iron is my favorite for perfect patch edges, pressing sheet protects your iron
(R ) Jean Jacket patch made with Treasured Threadz™ Postage Stamp Retro Patchwork Panel

One of my favorite tools to use for the Decorative Patch Applique Technique is the Oliso Project Iron. It gets nice and hot and has a super pointy tip that is perfect for mitering corners and making perfect patch edges. If you have the Treasured Threadz pressing sheet, this is where you should use it. It will protect your Oliso iron from the fusible residue as you press – just remember, NO STEAM!

(L) Treasured Threadz™ Favorite Fusible Stabilizer and Postage Stamp Retro Patchwork Panel
(R ) Jeans use the Postage Stamp Retro Patchwork Panel and the Decorative Patch Applique technique.

In this post I’ll be featuring all five of the fabric panels on various projects that use the stabilizer and highlighting the ones that were created with my signature Decorative Patch Applique Technique! Using our signature “fuse and stitch” techniques, our Favorite Fusible Stabilizer is the perfect low-loft batting to mend and refresh your preloved clothes, your thrift shop finds, or to create something entirely new. It’s the ideal support for hand work or machine sewing projects. Check out these fun, upcycled projects below, both of which used the Decorative Patch Applique Technique! 

Jean skirt with the Treasured Threadz™ Around the World Collage Panel 
Adult sweatshirt and child overalls with the Treasured Threadz
Western Rodeo Collage Panel 

Along with using the Decorative Patch technique to embellish ready made clothing, the Favorite Fusible Stabilizer makes a great foundation for projects that need more shape and structure. Back your fabric with Favorite Fusible to achieve a smooth and sturdy surface on stuffed pillows and toys.

(R) Pillow with the Treasured Threadz™ Western Rodeo Panel Decorative Patches
(L) Stuffed toys made with Treasured Threadz™ Postage Stamp Retro panel

Favorite Fusible also makes an ideal foundation for slow stitching needle arts and gives a firm, yet flexible, backing for embroidery projects – no hoop needed! The loft of the batting creates a hand-quilted look even with a simple running stitch as seen in this flower. Add more dimension with a chain stitch featured at the center of the flower. I love how the clouds behind the cowboy stand out with just a few simple stitches!

Treasured Threadz™ Roses and Daisies Panel
Crossbody Bag made with the Treasured Threadz™ Western Rodeo Panel.
Bag pattern comes with each Treasured Threadz™ panel purchase!

I hope you’ve been inspired by all the ways you can create with Treasured Threadz™!

The Favorite Fusible Stabilizer is a game changer for sewers and stitchers and the Decorative Patch Applique is the perfect technique to use when you want to start a new project or breathe new life into some of your favorite clothing, accessories or home decor. 

Don’t forget that every Favorite Fusible Stabilizer purchase not only includes a bonus pressing sheet, but you’ll have QR Code access to exclusive online content like printable PDF instructions and video tutorials for BOTH of the signature applique techniques (Decorative Patch Applique and Repair Patch Applique), a Supply List and a Look Book with over 25 pages of inspiration! I can’t wait to see what you create!

The entire Treasured Threadz™ Collection is available on Missouri Star Quilt Co’s website.

If you loved this project and are looking for more books, projects and patterns – visit While you are there, be sure to sign up for her weekly newsletter which is full of sewing patterns, seasonal inspiration, and fun projects for needle and thread. Be sure to stay social and follow along with Amy on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook 

Amy Barickman is a creative arts entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in the craft industry. Over that time, she and her designers have released over 1000 pattern titles and published 80 books – including her most popular book – Vintage Notions. Amy has always been inspired by all things vintage and has curated a personal collection of fabrics, quilts, sewing books and patterns, notions that she loves to share. She is passionate about helping others find inspiration for handmade projects and to cultivate more joy in their everyday living through needle and thread.

Be sure to check out our Nancy’s Notions Homepage, where you can find links to over 60 different categories of sewing and quilting topics! That’s over 400 articles! Click here!

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Martha Meadows
Martha Meadows
1 month ago

Thank you, you maybe know or don’t know how much you built the confidence of a beginner quilter. Thank you again. Sincerely. Martha Meadows