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Enter Our Weekly Sew & Tell and Quilt & Tell!

by Beth Cooper
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Do you have a sewing project that you want to show off?  Did you make a beautiful quilt or something really cool or so pretty that you want the world to see it? It can be a quilt or a garment or anything in between.  It doesn’t have to be perfect (nothing is!). It just has to be finished and sewn by you.  Send an email to inspiration@nancysnotions.com with pictures and information.

We need the following:

  1. Your name.
  2. Your location. This can be vague (just your state), or it can be more specific and include your city and state. It’s fun to see where everyone is from!!
  3. Your pattern and the designer. If it is an original design, then let us know.
  4. Anything else you want to tell us about it.  We love to hear stories about you and why you made it or who you made it for. Does it hold special meaning? Was it difficult or easy? Was it the first time you tried this method? What fabric did you use? What are your plans for the project? The more information, the better your chance to be picked!
  5. Blog information and Instagram handle, if you have those and want more followers. (No worries if you don’t! This doesn’t affect your odds of being chosen).

Each week we will pick a different project to feature that is sure to make you ooh and aah. Prepare to be wowed and inspired!

Click here to see past Sew & Tell and Quilt & Tell featured projects!

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