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I’m a Superhero and I Made My Own Cape!

by Beth Cooper

Greetings, friends! It is I, your friendly neighborhood sewist and quilter, here to save the day with my needle and thread. That’s right, I’m basically a superhero, except my cape is made out of Tula Pink fabric and my superpower is the ability to turn scraps into masterpieces. I mean, really, we are all superheroes, saving the day with our mending, sewing, and piecing skills!

Now, you may be wondering how I compare to other famous superheroes, like Superman or Spider-Man. Well, let me tell you, those guys have nothing on me. Sure, they can fly and shoot webs, but can they create a beautiful patchwork quilt out of old t-shirts? I think not. Can they hem a prom dress? Nope. Can they create heirlooms? No way.

I’m definitely not the only sewing superhero! You are too. If you love to sew, talk about sewing, or desire to sew, you are definitely awesome. Not everyone can do what we do.

Want to make a superhero cape for a special kid in your life? Check out this panel by Riley Blake Fabrics! This makes it easy-peasy! It comes in pink too.
Find both panels on Missouri Star Quilt Co. or by clicking here.

My superhero name is “The Seamstress” or “The Quilt Queen”, depending on the day. My costume is a snazzy pair of yoga pants and an oversized sweatshirt covered in thread. I carry sewing scissors and a thimble, and my catchphrase is “I’ll stitch this world back together, one seam at a time!” What’s your catchphrase? Here are a few good ones you can pick from: Bringing the world happiness, one sewing project at a time, Making the world a more beautiful place with every quilt I make, or even Bringing peace to the world through the love of sewing. Pick one and let’s all be superheroes together!

I imagine my arch-nemesis would be “The Unpicker”, sometimes called “Jack the Ripper,” a villainous figure who delights in undoing my hard work and making me start from scratch. But fear not, dear readers, for I always have a trick up my sleeve… or in my sewing kit, rather.

My secret weapon? The rotary cutter. With just a flick of my wrist, I can slice through fabric like a hot knife through butter. It’s like having Wolverine’s claws, but for quilting. And don’t even get me started on my superhuman ability to measure and cut fabric with precision. It’s like I have a built-in ruler in my brain.

But let’s be real, being a superhero isn’t all glamour and glory. Sometimes, I have to put on my brave face and tackle the toughest of challenges. Like when I accidentally cut the electrical cord of my Ott Light (read that story here). Or when I sewed a seam without my presser foot down (I’ll tell you that story next week). Obviously, I am not perfect but I sure have fun sewing!

So, now that we all know we are all awesome, what are we going to make with our amazing skills? I’m ready to start a new project. I have all of my projects caught up and now need to make two quilts – a wedding quilt and a twin-sized quilt for a friend. I’m searching for just the right patterns. What are your favorite patterns? Let me know in the comments!

This pattern bundle may be just what I need! I love it! Find it on Missouri Star or by clicking here.

So, there you have it, folks, the latest update from The Seamstress: defender of all things patchwork and quilty. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some fabric to save from the clutches of The Unpicker. Until next time, stay super!

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