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I Love My New Personalized Blue Jeans!

by Beth Cooper

Let’s talk blue jeans. Everybody has them. Most of the time jeans all look the same. Yes, there are darker colors and lighter colors of denim and sometimes you can find a pair with some embellishment, but have you ever embellished your own pair of jeans? This is an awesome way to take a plain jane pair of blue jeans that fit just right and add a little flair of personality to them!

So, recently I bumped into Amy Barickman at Missouri Star Quilt Company in Hamilton, Missouri. Amy has her own website and is the author of several sewing books. She is the creator of Treasured Threadz, which are small panels with coordinating printed quilt blocks on them. These are perfect for embellishing jeans, jackets, purses, and so much more! They come in two colorways (see below). I actually purchased both colorways on the spot! I have a million ideas of what I could do with them!

First off, I decided to embellish a pair of jeans. Just in case, I wasn’t happy with the way it turned out, I thought I should practice on another pair first. So, I went to our wonderful local thrift store and found a pair of practically brand new Talbot’s blue jeans in my size. They fit perfectly and I paid $3.99 for them! (Man, I love a good deal!) Next up, I bought some Heat ‘n Bond Lite. This is my favorite iron-on adhesive interfacing. You can easily sew right through it and it is not stiff at all. It’s great for any kind of applique – especially applique that you’re going to wear! Like these jeans! Check ’em out!

Treasured Threadz panel in the blue colorway, which is what I used for the jeans.

You can find both colorways for the Treasured Threadz panels on Missouri Star Quilt Co., or by clicking here. If you need Heat ‘n Bond Lite, you can find it by clicking here.

Check out what can be done with a denim jacket and Treasured Threadz! Wow!

It was a super fast and super fun project. I can’t wait to start the next one! Stay tuned for more future projects from my Treasured Threadz panels!

Want to read more from Beth? Click here to head to the Beth Said Sew Blog Page!

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Joyce Minnis
Joyce Minnis
1 month ago

Love your jeans Beth! Really cute.

Sharon A
Sharon A
1 month ago

Love the idea but getting the jeans onto the machine to stitch them seems daunting. Especially the back pockets — did you just sew them closed?? Thanks for the great info!

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