Home Inspiration Diane Makes a Beautiful Blouse!

Diane Makes a Beautiful Blouse!

by Beth Cooper

Sewist’s Name: Diane Zayas from San Diego, California

Type of Project: Garment

Pattern: Simplicity S9287

Featured Date: 02-1-24

Hi, I’m Diane! I made a blouse for our next vacation in Mexico. I will include a picture of the blouse and the pattern. I wanted to make a blouse with an easy to care for fabric. So I chose a polyester cloth. It will not wrinkle, it will be light and airy for the hot weather. If I need to wash it, it will dry overnight. The style is suited to day or evening wear. I can add a necklace to make it a little glam for the evening. I can wear it with a skirt or pants. It is very versatile. 
I love to sew and as of late, I am challenging myself to make more complicated pieces to wear and getting out of my comfort zone. Best Regards,

Diane Zayas

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26 days ago

the photo of your version (blue floral print) is so much nicer than the one on the pattern. Frankly, I would not have chosen the pattern based on the pattern photo. what went wrong ???

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