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Challenges Are Better Than Resolutions!

by Beth Cooper

My dear sewing friends, last year I issued a “Sewing Challenge” for the new year. I am happy to say that I have heard from many of you who completed your challenges!! Yay!! I am so happy for you all! And for those that didn’t participate, or those that want to participate again, I am issuing the same challenge for 2024. So, without further ado, here ya go!!

I Challenge You!

Challenges.  I adore them.  Nothing gets me moving faster than when someone gives me a challenge.  (Except when someone says “You can’t do this…” That phrase will prompt me into action faster than the Elf can throw a snowball.)

One thing I don’t do well with is New Year’s Resolutions.  Maybe because a resolution is just an agreement with myself?  There isn’t any accountability with anyone else?  I decided several years ago to stop doing, or even attempting, New Year’s Resolutions.  Instead, I like to do New Year’s Challenges.  It sounds more exciting because it is more exciting! 

A few years ago, my quilt guild issued a New Year’s Challenge to the entire guild, and it was fantastic. Life-changing, actually.  I’m issuing it to all of you today.  Get ready for some sewing fun!!!!

Pick Which Challenge You Like Best

I challenge you to pick one of the following this year:

  1. For every new sewing project that you start this year, pick one UFO (UnFinished Object) project from your stack (Yes!  I know you have them!) and finish it.
  2. For every new sewing project that you start, pick one UFO that you have no desire to finish and either gift the entire unfinished object/stack of fabric to another sewist or pitch it.  Yep.  Get rid of it.  If you are never going to finish it, make room for something that you do want to finish. (“Pitching it” can mean a trash can, a recycle bin, a resale shop, etc.)
  3. Do not start any new projects for an entire year.  Simply work on what you have already started.  I think you’ll be surprised how fast you get the old projects done, so that you can move on to new projects again. 

Just One… Not All Three

Remember, you don’t have to do all three.  Just pick the one that works best for you.  If you have a sewing friend or a group of sewing friends, challenge them as well.  If you don’t have friends that sew, follow along here on Nancy’s Notions.  Keep me updated on your progress!  I would love to hear about it and cheer you along.  (You can always email me at beth@nancysnotions.com.)

Here’s To A Great Sewing Year!

Who’s ready for a successful year of sewing? (We are!)  Who’s going to finish their UFO’s this year?  (We are!)  Who’s going to feel so proud of themselves?  (We ARE!!!)  GO TEAM!!  And Happy New Year!

‘Til next time,


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1 month ago

Challenge 2 and 3 are speaking to me.

1 month ago

I only have 1 UFO and it’s embroidery but my rheumatoid arthritis is making my hands not work right so I’ll have to forego this challenge. Perhaps I’ll be able to do next year’s challenge.

1 month ago

challenge 1 for me!

1 month ago

Number 2 for me. Lol lol

1 month ago

Number three for me! I think it will inspire me to “clean the closet” if you will. So, that I can play with fabric again! What a great idea!

1 month ago

I’m just reading this. definitely #3 for me. I DON’T need any more fabric!!! I need to get things done. Finished two so far!

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