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A Fun and Easy Way to Make Dresses!

by Beth Cooper

When my girls were little, I loved making dresses for them. I especially loved making them t-shirt dresses. As a busy mom with three little ones, I didn’t have a lot of time for sewing projects back then, so most of my sewing involved some sort of shortcut. The t-shirt dresses I made were the perfect shortcut. You just use a store-bought t-shirt and then sew the skirt onto them. This saved me loads of time and the dresses were actually very soft and cozy, which was really important to the girls.

To make the t-shirt dresses, I used the book “Sew Pretty T-Shirt Dresses” by Sweet Seams. This book contains many different patterns, but my favorite go-to pattern is on page 86. It’s called Pretty in Pink, but I made it in about every color imaginable over the years. This book is still available and can be found on Amazon, Etsy, and used book stores.

The book I used to make the dresses, Sew Pretty T-Shirt Dresses, contains very clearly written directions and doesn’t involve cutting a pattern.

My ideas were endless with the t-shirt dresses! As my oldest daughter grew, I eventually showed her how to make the dresses, as well. When she was 12 years old, she started going to the orthodontist. At the orthodontist’s office, each patient got a t-shirt on their first visit. If they wore it to their following appointments, they could collect “points” and could then cash in their points on the day the braces were removed. My daughter, being who she is, decided to go above and beyond with that and we turned the orthodontist t-shirt into a dress, complete with braces on the skirt fabric! It was adorable and her orthodontist was amazed at her creativity!

The t-shirt dress featuring the orthodontist t-shirt and fabric with a braces and teeth print. She was a creative 12 year old!

These dresses are perfect for holidays as well. Just buy a cute Christmas t-shirt, or even a solid red or green t-shirt, and make the skirt from cute Christmasy yardage. I have done this for Christmas dresses, Halloween dresses, and Valentine’s Day dresses! Since I live where it is cold in the winter, I would buy a long-sleeve t-shirt for the dress, if needed.

This one I made for her featuring Converse shoes fabric and a solid black tee. She loved her Converse shoes and she loved
wearing dresses!
The back of the book

I would use quilting cotton for the skirts for two reasons: one, because I could find whatever theme I wanted in quilting cotton. And two, because it washes up so well. These dresses were worn in our backyard, in the chicken coop, at the park, at church, all. the. time. They got washed frequently and always looked great! Both of my girls loved wearing them and I’m kind of sad that they have outgrown that look and now prefer Lululemon leggings or jeans. But, I am totally saving this book for my future granddaughters though!

Image from Sew Pretty T-Shirt Dresses by Sweet Seams
How cute is this Barbie fabric?? Wouldn’t it make an adorable dress! Find it and other Barbie fabrics at Missouri Star or click here.

If you’re looking for yardage to make one of these cute dresses, there are so many options on Missouri Star Quilt Co.! Make one for your favorite little girl in her favorite color, favorite sports team, favorite character, polka dots, stripes, rainbows, the list is endless! But I have to warn you, making these dresses is addictive. You’ve been warned. Happy sewing!

‘Til next time,


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This Cinderella fabric would also make the cutest dress! Find it and other Disney princess fabric here.

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Myrna Smith
Myrna Smith
1 month ago

Thank you, thank you. I miss her too and those trips to her Wisconsin workshops.

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