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Goodbye Dull Pins

Hello Better Alternatives!

by Beth Cooper

It’s official.  I own the dullest safety pins in the world.  I’m on the hunt to find something better.  I think safety pins, as well as straight pins are one of those things that you probably don’t think about replacing very often.  It only takes one project with a lot of pinning to remind me to replace my pins periodically!

My Pins Are Surely From 1849…

This past week I have been modifying a bridal gown into a “Snow Queen” gown for a Christmas play.  While pinning the hem where I needed it to be, it suddenly dawned on me that my safety pins must have been from the original batch manufactured in 1849 by Walter Hunt.  They were so dull, I doubt I could’ve poked a hole into hot butter with one.  Okay, I may be exaggerating a bit but let’s just say that getting those pins through two layers of satin made me grit my teeth and ask my kids to leave the room before I said something I shouldn’t.

It was then that I wrote myself a note to buy new pins or find a way to sharpen the old ones.  And while I was at it, I decided to go ahead and order new straight pins for sewing, too.  Pins come in so many sizes and shapes, each with a purpose.  My favorite multi-purpose pins are the Magic Pins.  I love the blue ones.  They are the perfect size and shape. 


This is a Pinmoor.

Pinmoors are a new item in the sewing world. They are a wonderful alternative to safety pins and if you haven’t heard about Pinmoors, hold onto your hat, because this is about to blow you away.  These little puppies are about to change your life.  For real.  A woman named Loretta Iverson invented Pinmoors because she too, was frustrated with pins and thought there must be a better way to baste a quilt.  Pinmoors allow you to use your favorite style of straight pin but then you just shove a Pinmoor over the tip so it doesn’t poke you.  Basically, these work like earring backs – but for pins!  This woman is a genius!  Click here to check out her website where you can order Pinmoors.

A short video by Loretta Iverson showing how to use Pinmoors.
Wonder Pins are another great concept! They work in replacement of safety pins or straight pins. Find them here.

Sharpening Pins

Did you know you can sharpen your pins?  You sure can!  Here are some great ideas to keep your pins in tip-top shape:

  • Use a pincushion that contains crushed walnuts or emery to sharpen your pins and needles.  Stick them in and pull them out several times in a row and you will notice that they are much sharper afterwards!
  • Keep a bar of soap nearby.  Yep, just a small bar of soap on a dish near your sewing area will help sharpen pins and needles.  Use the soap like a pincushion.  Voila!  Sharper pins!
  • Use aluminum foil.  Fold some aluminum foil into a small brick shape and poke your pins into it several times each.  This is a cheap and easy way to sharpen your pins and needles.
  • If you have one of the old-fashioned pincushions that look like a tomato with a small strawberry hanging off of it, the strawberry is filled with emery.  The emery will sharpen your pins, just as an emery board will file your nails. 
You may already have one of these handy pin cushions with emery, but if not, find this one here for only $2.45!

Whether you decide to sharpen your pins or purchase new ones, either way do not settle for dull pins!  Ugh!  Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Happy sewing!

‘Til next time,


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1 year ago

I’m going on the cheap. I’m using a recycled dish that is taller than my needles and pins and has a lid, so I won’t spill any run-away. Then I fill it with steel wool, preferably a finer grade and cover it with a piece from a t-shirt. Every time you stick a needle in it, it works like you run your kitchen knives over a steel. I used mine for decades and had not to replace a needle.

1 year ago

All this sounds great!
Years ago I purchased a variety pack of ‘safety pins’ at a well known fabric store, these pins could barely poke through fabric and when they did they bent! These have to be the ultimate ‘safety’ pins!

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