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What are Notions?

by Beth Cooper
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What are notions anyway?  And why did Nancy have them?  Webster’s Dictionary definition of notions is “small, useful items.”  A notion can also be “an individual’s conception or impression of something known, experienced, or imagined.”  I think Nancy was referring to both of these definitions when she named her company. 

Every sewist needs some small, useful items.  Rotary cutter?  Yes, please.  Cute little pins?  Yes, please.  Seam ripper?  Unfortunately, yes.  In fact, the more notions I have, the more I want!  I recently read an article about how important it is to replace your seam ripper on a regular basis.  The blade in it gets dull and for best results, replace it.  Now, I’ve turned into a Ripper Collector.  They come in all sizes and shapes.  There are some really beautiful ones on the market these days. 

This style of seam ripper is one of my favorites! These are handmade and are available from Etsy seller LynnFoxDesigns.

I bought a basket of antique notions once at an auction.  Half of the items in there had me befuddled.  Notions of today are a little different than notions of the past.  Someday I’m going to take the time to research what I even bought but for now they look pretty on display in my sewing room.

A few of my favorite notions are these small scissors from Karen Kay Buckley.  They come in several sizes but the blue 6” are my fave.  They offer lots of finger and thumb space and never get stuck on my hand, plus they cut effortlessly.  I use them for cutting thread and plan to buy a larger size for cutting fabric.

These Karen Kay Buckley Scissors will be your new favorite pair!

I also love Quilter’s Select rulers.  These. Are. Amazing.  They never slip.  The numbers are easily read.  The lines are not too thick.  They have rocked my world and are my go-to rulers every day.  My favorite is the 6 ½” by 24”.  If you haven’t tried these and are in the market for a new ruler, give them a shot. Check them out!

Another favorite is the Add-AQuarter Ruler used for paper piecing.  If you do foundation paper piecing, this is a must-have in my book.  It has a tapered side to use when you are folding back your paper and it has a side that adds a quarter inch to your seam allowance when cutting.  You can paper-piece faster with less motion.  It comes in 6” length or 12” length.  They both work great but I prefer the 12”, personally.  Five out of five stars!  Check it out on Missouri Star

I really understand Nancy and her love of notions.  Most quilters can agree, having the perfect tool for the job makes life easier, not to mention more fun!

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