The Rotating Cutting Mat

A Must-Have for Every Quilter

by Beth Cooper

It spins! It goes ‘round and ‘round!  It is the merry-go-round of the quilting world!  Have you heard of rotating cutting mats?  Two words:  Game Changer!

What Is a Rotating Cutting Mat?

Rotating cutting mats are an excellent addition to your sewing area.  You may be asking yourself, “Why do I need one that spins?” The answer is simple:  it will make squaring up quilt blocks so much easier and… it will make trimming pieces (like half-square triangles and flying geese) a walk in the park.

The Perfect Set-Up

Many quilters keep their small rotating cutting mat near their sewing machine. (A TV tray sitting perpendicular to your sewing table works perfectly for this!)  This set-up allows for you to sew and trim, without ever getting up out of your chair.  In fact, you can even buy a rotating cutting mat that also has a rotating pressing mat.  This allows you to press or cut on a spinning base so that you do not have to lift your ruler off of your fabric.   Check out options with a rotating cutting mat and pressing mat here.

The Only Reason You Need a Rotating Cutting Mat

Trimming a block without ever having to pick up your ruler and risk losing your ruler placement is the absolute best perk of a rotating cutting mat.  Each time you move your ruler when cutting, the odds of inaccurate cutting increase.  It always best to move that ruler as few times as possible – a spinning cutting mat allows you to do just that!

Omnigrid offers an excellent tutorial on using a rotating cutting mat. Shop Omnigrid mats here.

Can We Say Best Invention Everrrr?

Don’t have a rotating cutting mat yet? Check out the selection on Missouri Star Quilt Company here.

It’s a safe bet to say that the Rotating Cutting Mat is an excellent invention. In fact, a lot of quilters would even go so far as to say that whoever invented the spinning cutting mat should receive a prize – maybe even the Nobel Peace Prize!

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