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Rag Rugs

Easy and Fun to Make!

by Beth Cooper

Have you ever made a rag rug?  They are so fun!  These rag rugs are a great project to sit and work on while you watch tv or visit with friends.  They are fast and easy, make perfect gifts, and keep your hands busy.  What more could a gal (or a guy!) want? If you’re like me, I like to keep my hands working on a small project even when I’m not at my sewing machine. This project is perfect to throw into a small tote bag and take with you on road trips, to keep you busy in waiting rooms, etc.

Rag rugs are a great way to use up all those extra fabric strips you might have in your sewing room.  They are also a great reason to buy that jelly roll you’ve been eyeing.  (Ahem, I know you’ve been eyeing one! This one is my new favorite!) Rag rugs vary in size and can be made as large as a floor rug or as small as a mug rug.  You can also use any fabric that you like – for example in the video below, she uses batiks.  Anything works!

Check out the Easy No Sew Rag Rug tutorial below from Nancy’s Notions. The Rag Rug Tool makes it even easier to make, however the specific tool used in the video is no longer available. There is a very similar one available here that does the same job, so no worries! We got you covered!

I bet you’re thinking, “these would make great Christmas gifts!” And you would totally be right! Now is the time to start because that season will be here before we know it. Check out these beautiful Christmas fabric choices! Any of them would make an adorable Rag Rug! You’re going to enjoy making these rag rugs so much, I predict that you make more than one! Have fun!

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1 year ago

Where do I buy the board with the handle that you are making this rag rug on?
Thank you

1 year ago

Where do I buy the pattern and tool??

Patricia dodson
Patricia dodson
1 year ago

The clips are a must unless you want it to twist up, I did one line with 2different fabric thicknesses an had to start over, also think I’m pulling my knots too tight

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