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The Wardrobe Builder Series

A Great Way to Learn to Sew Garments

by Beth Cooper

Are you interested in garment sewing?  Ready to learn how to make a new pair of shorts?  Or perhaps a nice pair of dress pants?  We have just the series for you!  Our Wardrobe Builder video series, featuring Joi Mahon, will teach you everything you need to know to start sewing garments.  Or maybe you already know how to sew, but you’re looking for some new pattern ideas?  Either way, Joi has your back!  This gal is a fantastic teacher and you will love all twenty episodes in the Wardrobe Builder series.  The whole series is available on our Nancy’s Notions Youtube channel or you can find them all right here on Nancysnotions.com. 

Learn to Sew this Classic Tunic

Sewing a swimsuit that fits is easier than you think!
Need to learn about knit fabric? Joi has you covered!

Check out the Wardrobe Builder series and you will be on your way to building your own new wardrobe! And if you need some gorgeous knit fabric to make any of the Wardrobe Builder projects, check out Missouri Star’s beautiful selection of knits! Send us pictures of your completed garments to inspiration@nancysnotions.com. We would love to see them!

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13 days ago

Can’t wait to watch and learn about sewing garments

13 days ago

I’m so glad you’re back!!!

11 days ago

Looking forward to the garment series.

Lois Merkle
Lois Merkle
5 days ago

I don’t want to learn how to sew I just want to order fabric. I don’t see any fabric just your ads for instructions
Lois Merkle

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