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I’m in Love with these Iron-On Patches!

Warning: Addictive Product Ahead

by Beth Cooper
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In the words of Elf, “I’m in love! I’m in love! And I don’t care who knows it!”  I’m in love with these iron-on quilt blocks.  Totally smitten.  I want all of them.  So, if you haven’t heard of these yet, let me fill you in.  They are a new product offered by Missouri Star Quilt Company and they are ahhh-mazing! 

They are technically called patches and would be perfect for mending but I just want to decorate with them!  Each block (or patch or whatever you call it) comes with an iron-on adhesive on the backside.  They come in packages containing twenty 5” blocks or five 10” blocks.  There are three different color options for each size.  Each package of blocks also comes with instructions.  However, I’m pretty sure you could figure out how to use them even without the instructions.  It’s that easy!

So, what do you do with them?  Oh, so many things!  Want to add a quilt block to your purse?  Okay!  Want to add a quilt block to your shirt?  Okay!  Want to add a quilt block to your blue jeans?  Umm, totally!

I ordered a package of the 5” patches and a package of the 10” patches.  First off, when I discovered that I received twenty 5” patches, I was surprised because I obviously didn’t pay attention when I ordered and thought I was receiving five.  Twenty?  Heck, yeah!  I will be adding quilt blocks to everything that doesn’t grow legs and walk away.

My first project with the iron-on quilt blocks was to add a couple to my denim jacket.  My denim jacket is a hodge-podge of patches I’ve picked up while traveling, patches that fit my personality, and now… quilt blocks!  I know what you’re thinking. Technically, I could have pieced my own quilt block and then appliqued it onto my jacket.  And that was actually on my to-do list; however, it was one of those things that I kept scooting down the list.  It just wasn’t happening.  When I saw these iron-on blocks, I immediately thought of my jacket!  Did they design these blocks with my jacket in mind?  Probably not but I like to think so.  Ha!

I love embellishing my jacket and these iron-on quilt blocks are perfect for that!

I started off by centering one of the 10” blocks onto the back of the jacket.  It was a tiny bit big for the space I had available.  I decided to simply trim the block a bit.  I trimmed it a little on all sides and then with a hot iron, I pressed it onto my jacket.  Each package of blocks, also comes with a pressing sheet, which they recommend using.  I used it and firmly pressed the block onto the back of the jacket.  I decided to also sew around the edges, as well as to add some quilting lines to it.  Depending on what you iron the block onto, you may or may not need to also sew around the edges.  Because I was applying the block to denim, which is a heavier fabric, I decided to sew it down.  I wear this jacket multiple times a week and I wash it frequently.  I didn’t want any fabric to curl up at the edges, so I sewed.  It turned out bee-you-tiful!!  And because I loved it so much, I decided to add another iron-on block to the sleeve.  Again, it was super easy and looks adorable.  Like I said, I’m in love! 

How cute is this jacket? It’s my favorite article of clothing by far!

I seriously want to add these quilt blocks to everything!  Next up, my blue jeans.  And a hat.  I may be a walking talking quilt by the time I use these all up.  If you see a gal in head-to-toe quilt blocks, it’ll be me.  And if you don’t like my look, keep walking.  Ha!  But I bet most of you will love it because we think alike!

I hope you are as inspired as I am with these quilt blocks.  They are so fun and easy!  What will you do with your iron-on quilt blocks

‘Til, Next Time,


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