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Make Your Own Cafe Curtain! Free Pattern!

by Beth Cooper

Free pattern alert! Have you ever wanted to learn to make curtains, but just didn’t know where to start? This free Button-Up Cafe Curtain Pattern is fun and easy! And who doesn’t love cafe curtains!? They’re adorable in any room – not just the kitchen!

The best part about making your own cafe curtains (sometimes called half curtains) is that you can pick any fabric you like – there’s no need to shop for the perfect curtain when you can make it yourself! You may love making cafe curtains so much, that you make one for every room!

Making this Cafe Curtain pattern allows room for embellishment. The possibilities are endless! Add some adorable pom-poms to the bottom or use it as a blank slate to show off your hand or machine embroidery work! Making your own curtain allows you to channel your own style and creativity into it and have your room reflect your personality.

Download or print this free Button-Up Cafe Curtain Pattern by clicking here!

This book by Beth Stackhouse has some “Lovely Little Embroideries” in it that would be perfect along the bottom of the Cafe Curtain! You can buy this book, along with all the supplies you need, at Missouri Star Quilt Co. or click here!
New to embroidery? Check out this amazing new Beginner’s Embroidery Kit from Missouri Star Quilt Co.! It has everything you need in it to get started with embroidery and would be perfect to add the right details to your Button-Up Cafe Curtain!
Pom-Pom Fringe trim is so absolutely adorable! And it looks great on Cafe Curtains! Find Pom Pom Fringe on Missouri Star Quilt Co. in a variety of colors!

Perhaps a neutral fabric isn’t your thing? Use a beautiful print and jazz up your room instantly! You can find a wide array of beautiful prints on Missouri Star Quilt Co. The ones pictured below are Wings of Gold Packed Butterflies, Gingko Garden, Flora No. 6 Raspberry Gingham.

There are definitely a million and one ways to personalize the Button-Up Cafe Curtain pattern! You will end up with exactly the curtain you want and couldn’t find in stores. Happy sewing!

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Sounds fun