Knit Fabric 101

Learn All About Knit Fabrics with Joi Mahon

by Beth Cooper

Joi will teach all about the characteristics of knit fabrics and how they can affect your sewing. Knit fabrics have so many things going for them and can simplify the sewing process. If you’ve been wary of knits, be sure to check out this video by Joi Mahon in the Wardrobe Builder series. You will fall in love with knits and will be eager to start your next sewing project using a beautiful knit!

All About Knits with Joi Mahon

Missouri Star has a great selection of knit fabric. Check it all out here!

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Lois Merkle
Lois Merkle
1 year ago

can you order knit fabric or is there another web site

Lois Merkle
Lois Merkle
11 months ago
Reply to  Beth Cooper

what article and what links?

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