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Help! I Need to Sew a Halloween Costume!

by Beth Cooper

Have you ever started to make a Halloween costume and realized that you needed some help? Some costumes are definitely easier to sew than others! A few tips and tricks can help you conquer nearly any ghoulish getup or cool costume for yourself, your little ones, or even your fur-babies!

Finding the Right Pattern

There are several companies that make excellent costume patterns. They are easy to read and easy to follow. However, if you have a question or an issue, you can go to YouTube and search that pattern and nearly every time, you can find someone else that has already made a tutorial on it. We all love tutorials! Here are some websites to check out for patterns:

  1. Simplicity – They have a wonderful selection! You can definitely find what you’re looking for here!
  2. Etsy – On Etsy you can find old patterns that are currently out of print and you can also find new indie patterns by new designers who have fresh, new, or custom designs.
  3. Vogue Patterns – Another website full of a great selection of Halloween costume patterns.
How adorable are these tulle costumes from Simplicity?
Find them by clicking here! Easy and fun!

Tips and Tricks

  1. Plan and Gather Supplies: Before diving into your sewing project, take some time to plan and gather all the necessary supplies. Browse through costume ideas, sketch out designs, and make a comprehensive list of fabrics, trims, notions, and any additional accessories you may need. This preparation will save you time and frustration as you begin the sewing process. Remember, it is not always cheaper to make your own costume. By planning your supply list, you will be able to get an idea of the cost of your project.
  2. Select the Right Fabric: Choosing the right fabric can make a huge difference in the final outcome of your Halloween costume. Opt for fabrics that suit the character or theme you’re portraying. Satins, velvets, and tulle work well for elegant and mystical looks, while cotton, felt, and faux fur are ideal for playful and cuddly costumes. Don’t hesitate to mix and match fabrics to add texture and depth to your creation.
  3. Embrace Embellishments: Embellishments can take your costume to a whole new level of awesomeness. From appliqué and embroidery to sequins and rhinestones, let your creativity run wild. Add intricate details to your costumes to showcase your sewing prowess and make your outfit stand out from the rest.
  4. Pay Attention to Fit and Comfort: While it’s essential to make your Halloween costume visually impressive, comfort and fit are equally crucial. Consider incorporating elastic bands, adjustable closures, or stretch panels to ensure your costume allows for movement and breathability. A well-fitted and comfortable costume will make your Halloween festivities even more enjoyable.
  5. Time Management: Halloween sneaks up on us every year, so managing your time efficiently is vital. Start your sewing project well in advance to avoid last-minute rushes and stress. Breaking down the costume-making process into smaller tasks can make the project more manageable and enjoyable.
  6. Experiment with Makeup and Props: Your sewing skills aren’t limited to just fabric! Consider creating matching accessories and props to complement your Halloween costume. Additionally, explore special-effects makeup techniques to enhance your character portrayal and complete your overall look.
  7. Test the Costume: Before the big day arrives, don your Halloween costume and test it out. Move around, dance, and practice your spooky laugh to ensure the costume stays intact and comfortable during all your Halloween activities.
Sewing something with eyes? How cool are these buttons that look like eyes?? Find them here!

By employing these tips and tricks, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle your Halloween projects with confidence and finesse. So, get ready to impress your friends and family with your incredible sewing skills and create Halloween costumes that will leave everyone enchanted!

Want to make something spook-tacular but you don’t want to sew a costume? How about this Fright Night Quilt? It’s adorable! Buy the entire kit here!

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