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Free Sewing Pattern for the Ear Cozy!

by Beth Cooper

Free pattern alert! Woot woot!! This one is just in time for cold weather! This pattern was released several years ago from Nancy’s Notions and is always a big hit. In fact, it might be one of our most requested patterns!

This Ear Cozy is warm and easy to make! You can get the free pattern by clicking here. Just download and print and you’ll be ready to sew. These Ear Cozies make excellent gifts and Christmas is right around the corner. Need some soft fleece to get you started? Missouri Star has a great selection of fleece. Just click here!

This Winterfleece is beautiful and warm!
It comes in many different colors and can be found by clicking here.

Want to see more free sewing patterns from Nancy’s Notions? Click here!

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Anita Waldner
Anita Waldner
20 days ago

I printed out the pattern for the baseball ear cozy, but part of the pattern was cut off. How long(wide) should both pieces be? Maybe it is my printer, but I used 8 1/2 x 11 inch setting and the edges of both pieces were still not completely showing on the print out.

11 days ago
Reply to  Anita Waldner

Same happened to me

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