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Free Quilt Block Pattern! Block 7 of the Quilt Along!

by Beth Cooper

Who’s ready for Block 7 of the Sampler Quilt Along?? Well, here ya go! This block is called the Ohio Star Variation and is such a classy star block. If you love to make stars, you will love this variation! This is the seventh block in our Sampler Quilt Along, but it also looks great on its own. Make twelve or more of the Ohio Star Variation and you can have enough for a small quilt!

The Ohio Star Variation is easy and goes together quickly. The Sampler quilt is a great way to use up scraps or a great quilt for that new line of fabric you’ve had your eye on. To learn more about our Sampler Quilt Along, click here and find out all the juicy details.

Ready to download and print the pattern? Here ya go!! Just click here.

This is an example of the Sampler Quilt Along quilt. The Ohio Star Variation block can be seen in the top left corner. (This quilt by Cindy Valbert.)

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Lee Ann Hunter
Lee Ann Hunter
2 months ago

The link for block 7, Ohio Star, takes you to the Wyoming pattern. Thanks so much for sharing these lovely blocks.

Barbara West
Barbara West
2 months ago

Are there more than 8 blocks. I just stumbled on to this free quilt along. I’ve printed block patterns 1-8 but will there be more? Thanks very much. Excited to start. Barb

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