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Temperature Quilts – Clever and Creative!

You're Going to Want to Make One!

by Beth Cooper

Temperature quilts are all the rage right now.  Have you heard of them?  Have you made one?  If you haven’t, you’re going to want to after reading this!

What is a temperature quilt?

A temperature quilt is a quilt based on the daily temperature of where you live.  For each day of the year you track the temperature and use a corresponding fabric color for each temperature range.  You then piece your daily colors together for a quilt top based on temperature.  It’s really a very clever idea!  Some patterns allow for you to add a color representing the high temperature and the low temperature for each day, while other patterns just feature the average temperature for the day.  Some even allow for you to add a color representing precipitation. 

Use a Chart and Get Organized!

Moda has released a temperature tracking chart that is the perfect organizational tool when making a temperature quilt.  It can be found here.  Moda also has a very informative article that is a must-read if you’re thinking of starting your own temperature quilt.  You can read it here.  They show a ton of wonderful examples of temperature quilts!  I love them all.  I want to make them all.  Every.  Single.  One. 

Let’s See Some Examples…

My friend Laura has started a temperature quilt for 2023.  For each day, she makes a hexie – half of the hexagon represents the high temperature of the day, and the other half represents the low temperature.  If there is precipitation, she adds a circle. 

A block featuring a green hexagon
Laura’s block – one half of the hexagon represents the low temperature of the day, while the other half represents the high temperature of the day.
A block featuring fabric representing the temperature of the day.
Laura’s block featuring fabric representing the high and low of the day. The blue circle represents precipitation.

Laura is using a pattern by Rebecca Cartwright.  You can find Rebecca on Instagram and see her beautiful quilts. Her temperature quilt is pictured in this article. Click here.

A beautiful temperature quilt made by GillyMac Designs.
This beautiful temperature quilt was made by Gill of GillyMac Designs. Click here to read more about her quilt representing the temperature of 2020.
This quilt is by Wendy Richardson. Each column represents a month
and each flying geese represents a day. If the block is pointing down,
it means it rained or snowed that day.

Quilters aren’t the only ones jumping on the temperature train.  There are beautiful patterns out there for cross-stitch, crochet, knitting, and more! 

This is a beautiful cross-stitch pattern to track temperature. Each day you stitch a different leaf on the tree representing that day’s temperature. There are 12 branches on the tree, representing each month. This pattern can be found on Etsy from StitchinMommy. Click here to check it out.
This is a beautiful example of a temperature blanket from Love Crafts that can be knit or crocheted. Click here to read all about it!

I wonder if 100 years from now there will be quilters studying our “antique” quilts and wondering what our obsession with the weather was?  Ha! 

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