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Paula’s Quilt is Full of Memories

by Beth Cooper

Quilter’s Name: Paula Engelman from Grayslake, Illinois

Style of Quilt: Memory Quilt

Pattern Used: One Block Wonders Cubed

Featured Date: 1-26-23

Hi, I’m Paula Engelman. When my husband’s dad passed away, I decided to save some shirts to make a quilt for Dad’s granddaughter. They were very close.

Let me explain the meaning behind the quilt: Dad worked at Teletype as a draftsman engineer, so that is why there is a t-square, triangle, pencil in a pocket and protractor.  He also played tennis and golfed in the summer. He bowled in the winter. Then, he had to have ice cream (Strawberry or Neapolitan) when the day was through.

It was made in an Escher style to pay homage to his work and play. It has a five-hole golf course with a par 4.  The three open doors are for the opportunities given by Dad to his two sons and his granddaughter.  I found a book on “One-Block Wonders Cubed” by Maxine Rosenthal & Joy Pelzmann. That helped me figure it out. While making this quilt it helped work through the loss of a very dear man.


Paula J Engelman

PJE Designs

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Sharon O.
Sharon O.
10 months ago

LOVED your quilt!

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