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Invisible Thread is Great for Sewing!

by Beth Cooper

Are you looking for just the right thread for your next sewing project? Does it need to be invisible? Are you looking for something that will blend in or not show at all? You may need monofilament thread!

Invisible thread, also known as monofilament thread, is made from a single strand of nylon or polyester that is virtually impossible to see. It comes in clear or smoke-colored options, making it perfect for fabrics of all colors.

The greatest benefit of invisible sewing thread is its ability to blend into the fabric. This makes it ideal for sewing hems, attaching appliques, or even quilting. Unlike traditional thread, invisible thread won’t take away from the beauty of your fabric.

But, as with anything, invisible thread has its downsides. Firstly, it can be a bit challenging to work with. Due to its thin and almost invisible nature, it can be difficult to see when you’re sewing, which can make it challenging to keep your stitches straight. It’s also prone to knotting, which can be frustrating for even the most experienced seamstresses.

Another potential downside is that invisible thread can melt under high temperatures, which means you can’t use it for iron-on appliques or embroidery. Additionally, because it’s so thin, invisible thread is not suitable for heavy-duty projects that require strong seams.

Gutermann Invisible 100% Nylon monofilament thread is for hemming and quick repairs. This one is smoke-colored and is invisible against darker fabric. Find it on Missouri Star Quilt Co. or click here.

Invisible sewing thread is a useful tool for achieving a professional-looking finish on your sewing projects. Its main advantages are its ability to blend in with the fabric and its strength. However, it can be challenging to work with and isn’t suitable for all types of projects.

Give invisible thread a try on a small project first, and see if it’s right for you. With a bit of practice, you’ll be able to create invisible stitches that will take your sewing game to the next level!

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9 months ago

Love Nancy’s information pages about different topics. Would like to see some expansion on actual projects that use invisible thread however. What type of fabric they used with it would be awesome. Have A Great Day!

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