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Free Quilt Block Pattern! The Grecian Square!

by Beth Cooper

The Grecian Square. The name alone sounds classy and regal. The name may sound fancy, but this is not a hard block to complete. You can do it! And it’s a free pattern! The Grecian Square Block can be completed in just a few short steps and is Charm Pack friendly.

This block is shown in black, white, and gray tones in this image. This block works so wonderfully with different colors though! Use any colors your heart desires! Just remember, put a dark color where the black is in the image, put your lightest color or neutral where the white rectangles are, and then use two different medium shades of fabric where the grays are. Voila! You’ll have a beautiful block in no time!

This Uncorked Charm Pack from Missouri Star would be gorgeous in some Grecian Square Blocks! These colors are beautiful!
Find this charm pack by clicking here.

This block works well on its own – just make 12 or more of the Grecian Square and you’ll be ready for a quilt! It also works great in a sampler. Make one of each of our free blocks and soon you’ll have an entire sampler quilt! In fact, you can learn more about participating in our Nancy’s Notions Quilt Along here!

You can download the Grecian Square Block for free by clicking here.

This is an example of the Nancy’s Notions Quilt Along Sampler. The Grecian Square block is in the top row, second from the left. Learn more about participating in our Quilt Along here. (Quilt by Cindy Valbert)

Want to see more free project from Nancy’s Notions? Click here!

This pattern is Charm Pack friendly! Click here to shop Charm Packs!

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1 month ago

What size block does the Grecian Square block make?

1 month ago
Reply to  Laura

12 inch

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