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Learn all about quilting in Quilt 101! This is a library of quilting resources where you can “check out” all of our quilting articles and learn something new. We cover everything, including Quilting Techniques, Quilting Fabric, Quilting Tips & Tricks, Quilting Tools, and even the History of Quilting. Don’t know what Paper Piecing is? You’ll find it here! Aren’t sure whether or not to prewash your fabric? You’ll find that too! Need more info on binding? It’s all here! Are you a new quilter and aren’t even sure where to start? This is the place for you. Are you an experienced quilter but obsessed with learning everything there is to know about quilting? This is the place for you too! No matter your skill level, you are sure to learn something new with Quilting 101.

For many years, Nancy’s Notions was the place to find education and inspiration.  We are happy to announce that it is still exactly that!  Our Library of Sewing Information is sure to have exactly what you are looking for!


We have free sewing patterns, free quilt block patterns, and loads of inspiration!  We even have helpful tips and tricks on everything from quilting tools & supplies, sewing and quilting techniques, and we love to share our favorite fabrics and hottest sewing ideas and trends!


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