Zippers 101 with Joi Mahon

Learn Great Zipper Techniques

by Beth Cooper

Zippers can be intimidating but they don’t have to be. The more zippers that you sew, the more relaxed about it you will be. They’re kind of like driving a car – a little intimidating the first time or two, but eventually you don’t even think twice about it. Check out this excellent Wardrobe Builder tutorial from Joi Mahon with Nancy’s Notions. She shows you just how easy sewing zippers can be!

All About Zippers with Joi Mahon

Check out this great selection of zippers for your next zipper project! You are sure to find the color and length you need! Find the fancy zippers, pictured at the top of the page, here!

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Cindy Hebert-Fontenot
Cindy Hebert-Fontenot
11 months ago

Where can I buy these fancy zippers?

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