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Those Gorgeous 1930’s Reproduction Fabrics

Make Any Project Look Vintage

by Beth Cooper
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Is there anything prettier than a row of fabric bolts full of 1930s reproduction fabrics?  Many of you would agree that they are gorgeous fabrics!  Although most quilting fabric was obtained from feed sacks in the 1930s, rather than from a bolt, you can imagine that the colors and patterns were just as magnificent then as they are now.

The designers of today’s reproduction 1930s fabric have done extensive research to recreate the same colors and many of the exact same patterns as what was available all those years ago.  That era was known for their pastels.  Gone were the dark colors from the late 1800s and very early 1900s.  Manufacturers had discovered that by thinning their dye they could make it last longer and the result was beautiful pastel colors.  And the public didn’t just like it, they loved it! 

The reproductions of today feature those very same colors and tones – pastels with some deeper reds, greens, and blues thrown in for good measure.  They feature the cutest prints as well, everything from puppy dogs to flowers and polka dots to kites.  Just as they made adorable children’s dresses in 1930, now they make adorable quilts.  And aprons.  And dresses.  And purses.  And really just about anything.

If you’re wondering what quilt pattern to use with reproductions 1930s fabrics, the possibilities are endless.  You can’t go wrong with a simple log cabin pattern, a Bear Paw pattern, or even Grandma’s Fan. 

Once you start buying these reproduction fabrics, it’s hard to stop!  They’re slightly addicting.  All the colors and prints work so well together that you really can’t make a mistake in color placement.  That’s why it is a great idea to purchase precut fabric, such as a fat quarter collection.  This allows you to have a sampling of many colors and prints to throw into your next quilt.   

So, what will be your first project with these beautiful reproductions? 

Check out this great tutorial for a quilt that is perfect for those reproduction 30’s fabrics.

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