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The Weathervane Quilt Block! Free Pattern!

by Beth Cooper

Ready for a free quilt block pattern? One that is super cute and looks great in any color scheme? Well, we have the one for you! This free quilt block pattern is called Weathervane and is block number 16 in our Sampler Quilt Along. This is just one of the twenty 12 inch quilt block patterns that make up this sampler. Added bonus: they are all free quilt block patterns!

Even if you’re not participating in the Quilt Along, this is a great free printable quilt block pattern. You can print or download these easy quilt blocks that look difficult (but really aren’t!). This block would work great repeated in its very own quilt. Instead of making one block, just make 12 or more, depending on what size quilt you want to make.

You can print or download or download the Weathervane block here!

In this Nancy’s Notions Sampler Quilt, the Weathervane block can be seen in the fourth row, far right. (Quilt by Cindy Valbert)

Remember, you can jump into our Sampler Quilt Along at any time! These are easy quilt blocks for beginners. We release one block per week and you can work at your own pace. You can find all the information on the Quilt Along here, as well as links to all of the past blocks.

This Spring Gardens Fat Quarter Bundle by Riley Blake would make a beautiful
“spring-y” Sampler – or any other quilt for that matter! Find the bundle on Missouri Star or click here!

As with all of the blocks, you can choose to make them scrappy or use the same color scheme throughout. A fat quarter bundle works well with this quilt. To shop fat quarter bundles, click here.

Also, don’t forget to square up each block as you go. This ensures all of your blocks will line up when you are ready to sew them all together! You can find the Missouri Star 12 1/2″ ruler below. It is perfect for squaring up those blocks! (Click here to shop for it on Missouri Star!) Not sure how to square up blocks? No worries! There is a tutorial for that posted below. Natalie from Missouri Star does an amazing job showing you how to square up your quilt blocks so that all of your blocks are the exact same size! This makes it so easy to have a quilt that goes together so easily and looks great! Definitely don’t skip this step!

This Missouri Star 12 1/2″ ruler is perfect for squaring up those Sampler quilt blocks! Don’t skip the step of squaring up. It is so important! Not sure how to do it? Watch the tutorial below!
Square up those blocks with this great tutorial!
A short tutorial on the Weathervane Quilt Block

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