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Shedding Light on Sewing: Why Great Lighting is a Must-Have in Your Sewing Room

by Beth Cooper

As seamstresses and quilters, we all seem to invest in good sewing machines, lots of fabric options, the best scissors, and a load of other sewing notions. But do we really pay that much attention to our lighting? It’s perhaps one of the most important components of our sewing areas. Why do we overlook it? Sewists needs lots of light but sometimes we just adapt to what is already there. Take heed, sewing friends, and check your lighting situation. It might surprise you that you’re lacking a little in the light department.

A well-lit sewing room can make all the difference in the world when it comes to your sewing projects. Having the right lighting can help you see your work more clearly, prevent eye strain, and allow you to work on your projects for longer periods of time without getting fatigued. Let’s take a look at lighting options that are perfect for your sewing area.

Natural Light – Natural light is one of the best options for a sewing room, as it provides bright and even illumination that can help you see colors and fabrics more accurately. If you have a window in your sewing room, try to position your work area near it to make the most of the natural light. If your window is facing the sun, consider using blinds or curtains to prevent glare on your work surface.

Need more light around your sewing machine? This bright LED light attaches to your machine and makes a world of difference!
You can find it here.

Overhead Lighting – Overhead lighting can provide even illumination throughout your sewing room. There are a variety of overhead lighting options, including ceiling-mounted fixtures, track lighting, and recessed lighting. You can also use LED bulbs in these fixtures to save energy and reduce eye strain.

Task Lighting – Task lighting is essential for detailed work, such as hand-sewing, embroidery, or machine quilting. Desk lamps or floor lamps with adjustable heads can be positioned to focus light on your work surface, which can help reduce eye strain and improve visibility. Task lighting can be used in combination with overhead lighting for optimal illumination.

This task lamp is called Daylight Luminos and is the brightest task lamp that the Daylight Company makes! It’s fantastic!
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Magnifying Lamps – A magnifying lamp can be a helpful addition to your sewing room, especially if you work with small or intricate details. Magnifying lamps combine a light source with a magnifying lens, which can help you see your work more clearly and reduce eye strain. Magnifying lamps are available in various sizes, styles, and magnification levels.

The Merry Bright Task Light and Magnifier Combo – It clips on or can be used with a base. Perfect for getting a better look at what you are working on! You can find it here.

Lightboxes РA lightbox is a flat, illuminated surface that can be used for tracing, transferring patterns, or examining fabrics. Lightboxes come in various sizes and shapes, and can be particularly useful for pattern drafting or appliqu̩ work. They are typically powered by LED lights, which are energy-efficient and long-lasting.

This is a lightbox/cutting mat combo! Did you know there was such a thing? It is LED, lays very flat, and makes cutting a breeze. It is called the Cutterpillar Glow Premium Lightboard and Cutting Mat.
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Like with everything in life, balance is key here. Aim to have a combination of natural light, overhead lighting, task lighting, magnifying lamps, and lightboxes to help you create a well-lit and functional sewing room that is tailored to your specific needs. By investing in the right lighting, you can improve your sewing skills, reduce eye strain, and enjoy your sewing projects for years to come.

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6 months ago

Great article. I am currently in the market for overhead ceiling lighting in my sewing room after two warranted fixtures went kaput after only 6 months. LED with natural light is my preference. Any specific brand suggestions?

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