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Mind Your Own Needle!

With an Adorable Needle Minder

by Beth Cooper
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Check out this handy timesaver!  Needle Minders are the perfect way to keep track of your needle when you’re stitching. 

Have you ever walked away from your hand stitching for just a minute, only to come back to it and can’t find your needle?  Those sewing needles sometimes have a mind of their own and just decide to walk away.  If you need a babysitter to mind your needles while you’re away, then a Needle Minder is the thing for you! Needle Minders provide a place to lay your needle down and it can’t escape. Since they are magnetic and needles are metal, the needle will not disappear while you are away.

Check out this adorable Cat Needle Minder by Kelmscott Designs available here on Missouri Star Quilt Company!

Needle Minders are magnetic and come in two parts.  The magnet goes on the back side of your project, while the pretty side goes on the front side of your project.  Many stitchers apply the needle minder directly to their project.  However, you can also apply them to whatever is convenient for you.  It’s not uncommon to see a garment sewer have her needle minder stuck to the shirt or apron she is wearing. 

Needle Minders come in every color and shape imaginable.  Want one that looks like an octopus?  Check.  Want one that looks like a cactus?  Check.  Needle Minders are like fabric in the sense that they are all so pretty, you just want to buy more and more. 

This Needle Minder is sure to make you giggle with every stitch. It is available on Etsy from The Needle Nanny.

You can even make your own Needle Minder by using an enamel pin and just attaching magnets.  This is a great way to repurpose those cute pins that you don’t use. All you need to do is remove the pin part off of the back of the enamel. Wire cutters work great for this part. Then with a little bit of super glue just glue one half of a rare earth magnet to the back, while keeping the other magnet to use as the piece that goes behind your project.

With a cute little Needle Minder, you will be on your way to keeping those needles from growing legs and walking away.


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