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Indie Patterns – What Are They and Why Will I Love Them?

by Beth Cooper

Okay sewists, you may have heard the term “Indie Pattern,” but what exactly does that mean? Today’s your lucky day! You’re going to find out all the cool details about Indie patterns!

What Is An Indie Pattern?

An Indie pattern is a sewing pattern made by an individual or a small company and not by the large corporations and companies that sell their patterns in big box stores (like Simplicity or Vogue).  Basically, an Indie designer is someone that operates on a smaller scale than the big companies. 

Where do I buy an Indie Pattern?

Indie patterns are typically available online – you can find them on Etsy, on the designers’ personal websites, google searches, etc.  They are usually available at a great price and are very well-written.  Sometimes, you can even purchase a digital pattern and print it yourself at home. Missouri Star Quilt Company has a great selection of Indie patterns. Click here to shop.

This Any Time Topper by Amy Barickman is considered an Indie pattern. This pattern is so versatile! Find it here.

Why Buy an Indie Pattern?

There are a lot of great reasons to buy an Indie pattern.  Here are the top 5:

  1.  All sizes and shapes included!  With Indie patterns, the designers cater to different sizes and shapes.  Is your body shaped differently than a model?  Well then, Indie patterns are for you!  A designer will often say what body type his/her pattern works well with, or may give an example of their own body type and why they designed a pattern to fit it.
  2. The instructions are very well-written.  These are not mass-produced patterns written by someone who hasn’t even picked up a needle in years.  Indie patterns are written by designers who have actually made the specific item and then written very detailed and concise instructions on how they did it.  The patterns are available to purchase but many times they also include an online tutorial.  Some people are just visual learners and watching a tutorial just makes the whole thing “click!”  Indie designers also love to throw in an occasional time-saving hack.  Who wouldn’t love that?
  3. Reviews.  You may love to read reviews when purchasing a new vacuum or washing machine, but have you thought to read reviews on a sewing pattern?  With Indie patterns, there are usually tons of reviews from others who have previously purchased and sewn the pattern.  It’s a great way to decided if the pattern is something you want to buy and sew.
  4. Be inspired by others who have already made it.  Indie patterns are usually shared on social media.  For instance, on Instagram or Facebook, just type a hashtag (#) and the name of the pattern into the search box.  You will find photos and posts from others that have previously made the pattern and be inspired by their ideas.  You may find that someone chose a different type of fabric or completely changed the color scheme of the pattern. How wonderful to be able to see other versions of the same pattern and be inspired!
  5. Free patterns.  Many Indie pattern designers will have free patterns in their collection.  These can usually be accessed through their social media or on their websites and blogs.  This is a great way to try out one of their patterns before buying one.  Free is always good.

Indie patterns are available for every type of garment imaginable – not just tops and pants, but also bras, panties, and swimsuits, just to name a few.  Indie patterns are also available for home décor, hats, costumes, and more.

This adorable dress pattern is from Sew Liberated. You can find the pattern here.

We Want To See What You Make With an Indie Pattern!

Have you made something using an Indie pattern?  We would love to see your it!  Tell us all about it and send a picture to inspiration@nancysnotions.com.  We may feature you and your project on Sew & Tell!

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