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Audra Hoy Chaimson    February 8. 2021

Iknow I am not alone when I say that my stash and scrap bins are full of seemingly endless projects. I also have noticed over the years that I am keeping more and more little scraps… you just never know where you can use a 2” square piece of fabric. A zipper tab on a bag, paper piecing - you name it!

Lately I have been doing a lot of sewing projects that are very structured with specific directions that are focused on details and finishing. I have also been doing a lot of baking and cooking, which exemplifies the need for exact precision. Long story short, I have been jonesing for a creative project that allowed me to just PLAY. No pattern, no restrictions, just fabric and sewing freedom.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, it was a perfect opportunity to pull out some scraps and finally do a project I have wanted to do for awhile now - fabric postcards. I have seen them on Instagram and figured it would be a super cute idea for yet another distant holiday during COVID. Not long after I started this project, my local Modern Quilt Guild sent out an email with a signup for a fabric postcard swap - it secured that it was a perfect time to dive into this project!

There are quite a few tutorials out there, but I have been following Sarah Ruiz (@saroy) for awhile and she has a really great tutorial that I used to ensure that I didn’t burn up cardstock with my iron. Not going to lie, putting my iron directly on cardstock was a bit of an intimidating idea. :-)

Left: Quilted top & batting before trimming to size, Right: Top, interfacing & cardstock sandwich

Doing this project is a great opportunity to test run differently piecing ideas, quilting techniques, and playing with color. I personally decided to try a little more improv piecing and also thread painting. Don’t look too close - it was my first time with thread painting, definitely a good example of the three foot rule! (Feel free to throw any thread painting tips my way!)

Sarah’s tutorial answers any and all questions you might have about the process and I encourage you to dive into your scraps and send something beautiful to those you love, those you miss, and those you just want to say hi to.

Maybe we even need to do a Nancy’s Notions fabric postcard swap? Let us know what you think of the idea!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all our amazing creative customers!

Fabric Postcard Tutorial:


  • Mary SparrowFeb 17, 2021

    Yes, I would also like to participate in a swap.
    Mary Sparrow

  • Leslie BrownFeb 10, 2021

    I would love to participate in the swap.bpleasw count me in.

  • Mary L PartridgeFeb 10, 2021

    I’d love an organized swap. Several years ago I was involved in a fabric swap. I received so many neat fabrics that have come i handy for my little projects. I am a very busy business owner so all my projects are quickies. I’m a table runner, placement, pot holders queen.

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