Nov 03, 2020

November Featured Maker - Linda P.

Creative Healing - Dying to Dyeing

We've received so many submissions from you all with your finished projects;  More than I would have ever expected!  All of your projects were so so so inspiring, and though we loved all of them (seriously, there were so many amazing pieces), we've decided our November Featured Maker is Linda P. from Maine with "Creative Healing - Dying to Dyeing". Her story was so touching and her work is absolutely remarkable. See for yourself below!

To everyone and anyone who knows the pleasure of creating handwork through sewing or needlework (or any other craft), I appeal to you to consider how fortunate you are to have these precious talents.
Although I hesitate to bring up the troublesome and challenging months of 2020, I do have to pay tribute to the terrible times that forced me to positively channel my energies. Just when the pandemic invaded our lives, my Dad suddenly passed away- a whiplash kind of effect, and something that so many of us similarly have experienced. I threw myself into a productive frenzy. As a passionate fiber artist/yarn dyer, I found that during lockdown I had to look close to home for my resources. I scoured my kitchen, my pantry, pulling out anything that would remotely work as a natural dye: beets, spinach, frozen blueberries and strawberries, red grapes, onion skins, turmeric, tea, and I even scrounged a little maraschino cherry juice! Next, I dove into my fabric stash for available natural cloth. Ready to dip!
Voila- I went crazy, no limitation, no formulas, like a wild child. I found so much peace in this therapeutic activity, such satisfaction- it truly saved my sanity and gave me solace from grief. And the best thing about it, I did it all in my Dad’s kitchen. We lived next door to each other and we loved cooking meals together daily. It was special to be able to walk into his home and feel recovery through creativity.
I graduated from fabric scraps to dyeing beautiful silk velvet cut devore scarves- from Farm to Fashion!!

Creative tip: No need to always “go by the book” or “follow the rules”. Explore your own insights and intuition, make up your own rules, and GO FOR IT!!

You can find Linda's work or reach out to her with any of the following:
Website: Sheepscot Harbor Yarns
Etsy Shop


  • Cora BagleyDec 02, 2020

    I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your dad. It was awesome that you could go to your familiar place that you spent happy times with your dad. Your scarves are absolutely beautiful. God bless you!

  • JaylynnNov 09, 2020

    You can visit Linda’s shop with either of these links!

    Or email her at (yes, she gave permission to share her email haha)

  • Cathy KaufmanNov 05, 2020

    Your amazing story touched my heart. I too lost my dad at the start of quarantine. We had a special bond also and both live on farms in the same valley. I threw myself into making a fabric collage to honor him when we had to cancel his funeral. As I laughed and cried I worked out my grief, creating a beautiful memorial to him that will always hang in my house.❤️

  • Pam Nov 05, 2020

    Beautiful work and a great way to allow these troubled times to inspire creativity and joy and make the best of our situations. I have done the same and been knitting like a woman possessed these days. Keep up the beautiful work and the creative spirit.

  • Sandy RossNov 05, 2020

    Your scarves are beautiful, and I can see why you were chosen as a Featured Maker. When I lost my mother, I finally found my focus in sewing for my family. Good for you in dealing with your grief in such a way, and I can see how working in your father’s kitchen was a healing experience. Best to you in the future. Sandy

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