Notion of the Month: Wonder Clips

By Audra Hoy Chaimson   May 13, 2021

In sewing we all have our favorite notions, so we decided to start a “Notion of the Month” series to highlight some of the tried and true notions that are staples in our sewing spaces, as well as some of the notions that you might be intimidated by or aren’t familiar with.

Our Notion of the Month for May are Wonder Clips. I use them for everything!

I began using them quite a bit when I was making quilts and were grouping all my cut pieces together. Then once I started sewing bags, it really opened up a whole new world for me. When working with thicker sections of fabric, which happens quite often in bag making, or working with bag making fabrics that you would prefer not to put a pin through - Wonder Clips are a true lifesaver.

Most recently, I have been using them for some of the more “squirrely” fabrics in apparel sewing. Either because they are slippery or because I didn’t want to risk leaving pin marks.

Have you used Wonder Clips? What is your favorite project that you have used them for? If you haven’t, now is a great time to try them! They are an incredible tool to have in your sewing room!


  • G. TrammellAug 06, 2021

    I found a perfect box at a home organizing store for about $15.00.

  • Judith A. PrestonJul 06, 2021

    I’m interested in the box displayed. I have the clips and they are great!

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