New Year, New Growth, New Look

by Audra Hoy Chaimson  January 18, 2021

2020was…. Challenging. Both in good and bad ways, and everyone was affected so differently - but I think, collectively, we were all ready to welcome 2021 in with open arms.

Earlier in 2020, I personally set the intention to come out of all “this” (whatever you want to call our current environment - many words would fit) better than I went into it. Be more patient as a parent, more mindful and patient with myself, make time to learn a new language (it never happens, but I keep it on the list anyway), and challenge myself creatively.

For the Nancy’s Notions brand, the intention set for 2020 was transformation. The newly formed team has been focused on finding our voice, establishing internal processes, and, as always, honoring Nancy’s legacy.

Throughout this process, we decided that our brand was ready for an updated look.

This new brand represents many things to us at Nancy’s Notions. The grace that Nancy exuded in everything she did. The threads come together and bring our sewing and embroidery to life. And lastly, but most importantly, the intersecting community of creatives that we are so proud to serve and be a part of.

We are continually blown away by our customers' creativity and we look forward to continuing to provide you with quality products and educational tools for your creative growth. Please continue to share your projects and ideas with us - you inspire us and we hope to continue to inspire you!

To bring our new brand to life in 2021, you will continue to see new educational content, expanded product offerings, and a more seamless customer experience. If there are product requests or questions you have about our transition, feel free to reach out. In the meantime, we encourage you to let your creativity flow


  • DebraFeb 01, 2021

    I agree with the comments about what a great marketing/inspiration tool the paper catalog was. Hope you will be able to add feature back in the future.

  • Margaret Smith-WiskerFeb 02, 2021

    As a senior, having had cataract surgeries so that I can continue with my fiber arts, participation online is contingent on being able to read the text. The use of gray or turquoise blue colors of font makes participation almost impossible, like this blog announcement about your new brand. My daughter is web-designer & information architect for big pharma, and she managed to get her teams to change from grey to black color font for the apps they build for patients’ “prescription cocktail” (my term) gaining much appreciation from the users. I have been a Nancy’s Notions customer & viewer for 30 years. I would hate to give up this connection.

  • Sherry Hitz-FischerJan 28, 2021

    I sure love the magazines. I can show my family as to I want as a gift for those specials occasions. Sure do miss them.

  • Judith M MartinezJan 28, 2021

    I also will welcome the catalog that was Nancy’s legacy as her TV tutorial.

  • JulieJan 28, 2021

    While online ordering can be convenient, I also prefer to be able to slowly shop using a paper catalog before I log in online to place an order. More often than not, when I start online I end up changing my mind, being unsure of what I am seeing, and not ordering at all. Maybe it’s just me, but that is how my mind works. I am looking forward to the new catalog and hope I get a survey to help in its development!

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