June 1st, 2021

June Featured Makers

Renee P. & Nancy T.

Thank you everyone for sharing all of your work with us so far. We have received so many submissions for our Monthly Featured Maker program. We love seeing what you all are creating and all of your artistic abilities. Although the selection is usually difficult each month, this month was even harder.  Therefore, we've decided we will have TWO Featured Makers for June! 

Sunshine Farm

Sunshine Farm

Renee is a sewist in New York and has a passion for landscape art quilting. The additional stitching around each object and in each layer really brings out the textures and dimensions! 
"My joy is to teach others and share my craft in my studio in Dutchess county, New York. I feel much joy in creating landscape art quilts. Actually, Nancy Zieman was my first inspiration in learning this process! I’ve shared my work with her over the years and her overwhelming reaction and support led me to inspire others on this glorious journey! She remains with me to this day in my art quilting journey!❤️

My most important message to my students is to be brave and allow yourself to express emotion and feeling into your art. Free yourself from the concept of perfection — as in reality it doesn’t exist! Nature points this out in the most beautiful of ways — yet continues to be the greatest model for so many art forms!

I hope  “Sunshine Farm” brings a feeling of hope and renewal and inspires you to create joy with landscape art quilting!"

Portrait in Flowers

Similar to Renee's landscape quilt above, our other Featured Maker, Nancy, also creates "collage" quilts! Check out her masterpiece!

Portrait in Flowers

Nancy T. is a writer who only began quilting after watching Nancy Zieman for years on TV. "When I was a young mother, I marveled at the things she could sew. I never was as skilled in garment construction, but once my kids were grown I began quilting. Then I saw her do a segment of a landscape quilt with a special guest, Natalie Sewell. I tried one and I was hooked! Quilting is such a delightful change of pace between my writing endeavors. I owe it to Nancy Zieman for the courage to try it!"
"Inspired by the fabric in a quilting challenge, I immediately recognized a still life painting called "Vase of Flowers" c. 1645, by Jan Davidz de Heem. From there, I decided to interpret "Portrait of a Young Lady" by Sofonisba Anguissola, the only female student of Michelangelo, completely using flowers and studying the values I needed using black and white photos of the portrait.

I bought several shades of flesh toned fabrics and numbered them, then laid them together and took a black and white photo of them to see the value changes, and changed the order then repeated this until it was better. Then I took a black and white photo of the face I was trying to create. Using Photoshop, I had the software create "cutout" sections based on value, and printed it on regular printer paper, from which I outlined the sections on corresponding fabrics.

The face is completely collage, not painted or dyed in any way. It took eight hours just to create the eyes. The size is 38" by 70". As I worked, it grew beyond the limits of the quilting challenge so I did not enter it, because there was no way to cut it down and retain the art work.

I titled it "Portrait in Flowers," and it was created in 2018. It is my largest art quilt project so far. 

Helpful Tip - Select the fabrics from farthest away to front, which is not always dark to light, since sometimes shadows must appear closer as in the eyes. Once you've determined the bottom layers, cut out the sections leaving a good 1/4" of "under-lapping" so the next layer can be sewn or adhered without having a gap."

Portrait in FlowersNancy T.


  • Melissa McKeagueJun 03, 2021

    Congratulations Nancy!

  • Stephanie DorsherJun 02, 2021

    These quilts are absolutely stunning! I would love to see some video lessons on their work processes.

  • Karen weyandJun 02, 2021

    Oh my, what beautiful a masterpiece, “The Portrait In Flowers “ is just amazing and you are blesses with a great talent and insight. Thank you for sharing the your tips.
    “The Sunshine Farm” is also amazing! It is joyful just looking at the smiling faces of the animals and you can almost imagine yourself walking right along and enjoying nature. Your advice was also good.
    I know Nancy Zieman has inspired so many of us..all around the world. Nancy was a true Blessing to all. I can only imagine all the wonderful and beautiful Angel wings that are being stitched in Heaven!❤️

  • ShirleyJun 02, 2021

    Both pieces are excellent works of art. My favorite though is Nancy T’s portrait in flowers. It’s so life like and just absolutely gorgeous. Thank you ladies for sharing your art.

  • Brunella B RosserJun 01, 2021

    These works of art by Renee P. and Nancy T. are beyond beautiful. I found myself thinking of Nancy Zieman as I appreciated viewing their work. I will always be grateful and remember how much joy the work of others brought to Nancy and how she shared their gifts so generously with the rest of us. Thank you, Renee P, and Nancy T., for sharing great beauty.

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