May 04, 2021

July Featured Maker - Ruth I.

Grandma's Lanterns

There are so many brilliant works that have been submitted to be July's Featured Maker, and we love them all! Although these are all absolutely amazing, we've decided our July Featured Maker is Ruth I. with these lanterns she created!

Ruth's Lantern July Featured Maker

Ruth is a homemaker with two little ones who keep her very busy every day. Ruth's mom taught her to sew, quilt, cross stitch, and garden at a young age.
Her mother has been her biggest inspiration with her knowledge and encouragement of Ruth's work.

"I remember her watching Nancy’s show whenever she could, using that info,  then passing it down to me. I am really hoping to one day teach my girls and pass that love of sewing and embroidery down to them. We are at a great start as I have help with little fingers and pushing the start button on the embroidery machine for the lantern.

The lantern idea came up when I saw people embroider on organza and the light will shine through. I thought how neat would it be to put that into a lantern and let the light shine through the stitching. So I thought and thought and measured and measured picked out a lantern from the store, then selected four embroidery designs that I really liked and fit my husband’s mamaw perfectly. I wanted it to be a gift that she could leave out all year long and not have to bother putting it away.

I thought about doing each side a different season; Fall, winter, spring, and summer. I decided though that being a bad year with COVID-19 and things changing all around us, that a reminder that God doesn’t change, and his love and mercies stay the same would be a much better light.

So I measured the opening of the lantern and the sides, then I digitized it all. It’s two layers of organza and two layers of wash away stabilizer; One layer has the design stitched on it because I was trying to create a back ground effect with the imagine. When the design stitched out, I added another wash away piece of stabilizer and then another piece of organza on top, and stitched out the lettering and a satin border to keep it all from fraying. I washed out the stabilizer, let it dry, then cut it to the size of the sides of the lantern. I layered a piece of thin template-like plastic to the stitched panel. Finally, I added the glass from the lantern and put it all together adding a string of Christmas lights.

I love how it turned out and did a similar design with a shadow box and lights. There are some things I should’ve done a little differently with both projects but I thought the effect was still really neat."

Lantern Side 1Ruth I.Lantern Side 2Lantern Side 3Lantern Side 4


  • Marie BleazardJul 20, 2021

    What a beautiful and thoughtful gift and project. I think the whole world would benefit from the messages of hope and comfort. What a special creative lady you are. Your project is absolutely beautiful.

  • SheilaJul 13, 2021

    Wow! So inventive and well made. The illuminated scripture verses are a welcomed and powerful message. Very beautiful!

  • Pat roesserJul 08, 2021

    So beautiful. Every verse was perfectly chosen. Wish you were taking orders; or selling a kit. However, I will try to tackle an embroidery of one bible vetse.

  • Joy SharpJul 08, 2021

    The Bible tells us to let our light shine so that others would see Christ, in this day and time with all the evil going on, this is such a perfect way for Christ’s light to shine. Ruth, your project definitely shines the light of our Lord. What a beautiful project!

  • SUE KIDDJul 07, 2021


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